Mechanical Mini Projects Download

Mechanical Mini Projects for all Mechanical students 2019-2020, mechanical projects topics and ideas for study and research, Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Projects, Best Mech projects for 2018. Best Mech topics for fabrication and auto, aeronautical projects.


Mech 001-Jaw Pneumatic Parallel Gripper Mechanism

Mech 002 – Abrasive Belt Grinder

Mech 003 – Accident Avoiding System For Punching Machine

Mech 003 – Air Compressor Using Crank and Slotted Link Mechanism

Mech 004 – Air Leak Detector

Mech 005 – Air Pollution Monitor

Mech 006 – Anti Dazzling Head Light For Two Wheeler

Mech 007 – Aqua Silencer

Mech 008 – Auto Breaking System For Four Wheeler

Mech 009 – Automatic Board Cleaner

Mech 010 – Automatic Bottle Filling System

Mech 011 – Bottle Washing Machine

Mech 012 – Automatic Break Failure indicator Engine Over Heating Alarm

Mech 014 – Automatic Break In Hill Station

Mech 015 – Automatic Cell Phone Charger With Pay System

Mech 016 – Automatic Dam Shutter Controlling System

Mech 017 – Automatic Dimensioning Machine

Mech 018 – Automatic Double Axis Welding Machine

Mech 019 – Automatic Foot Dust Cleaning Machine

Mech 020 – Automatic Fuel Reserve Indication System

Mech 021 – Automatic Gate Opening And Closing System

Mech 022 – Automatic Hand Break Release

Mech 023 – Automatic Hand Wash With Soap Solution

Mech 024 – Automatic Head Lamp Alignment System

Mech 025 – Automatic Head Light Dim/Bright Controller And Engine Over Heating Alarm

Mech 026 – Automatic Hydro Pneumatic Lubricating System

Mech 027 – Automatic Ingot Feeder For Boundary

Mech 028 – Automatic Lamination Machine

Mech 029 – Automatic Lubrication Machine

Mech 030 – Automatic Metal Crack Detector

Mech 031 – Automatic Musical Water Foundation

Mech 033 – Automatic Pneumatic Bumper And Break Actuation Before Collision

Mech 034 – Automatic Pneumatic Bumper For Four Wheeler

Mech 035 – Automatic Pneumatic Emergency Exit System

Mech 036 – Automatic Pneumatic Hammer

Mech 037 – Automatic Pneumatic High-Speed Sheet Cutting Machine

Mech 038 – Automatic Pneumatic Jack

Mech 039 – Automatic Pneumatic Printing Press

Mech 040 – Automatic Pneumatic Grinding Machine

Mech 041 – Automatic Pneumatic Stand For Two Wheeler

Mech 042 – Automatic Pneumatic Vulcanizing Machine

Mech 043 – Automatic Power Saving Conveyor

Mech 044 – Automatic Pressure Control Valve Open/Close System

Mech 045 – Automatic Rain Operated Wiper Dim And Bright Controller

Mech 046 – Automatic Rain Operated Wiper

Mech 047 – Automatic Road Curve Finder

Mech 048 – Automatic Side Stand With Breaking Locking System

Mech 049 – Automatic Solar Street Light Controller

Mech 050 – Automatic Spring Rolling Machine

Mech 051 – Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan

Mech 052 – Automatic Temperature Controller With Cooling System

Mech 053 – Automatic Transformer Heat Reduction System

Mech 054 – Automatic Variable Speed Pneumatic Hack Saw Machine

Mech 055 – Automatic Vehicle Accident Information System

Mech 056 – Automatic Vehicle Accident Prevention System

Mech 057 – Automatic Vehicle Speed Measuring Using Ir Rays

Mech 058 – Automatic Visitor Guided Robot

Mech 059 – Automatic Water Tap Controlling System

Mech 060 – Battery Car

Mech 061 – Beans Sheller Machine

Mech 062 – Bevel Gear Drive Screw Jack

Mech 063 – Bucket Wheel Escalator

Mech 064 – Cam Operated Valve

Mech 065 – Design And Fabrication Of Cam Vice

Mech 066 – Car And Bur Reverse Operating Navigation System Using Ir Rays

Mech 067 – Catellite Converter For Automobile

Mech 068 – Chain Tightener

Mech 069 – Coin Based Water Dispenser

Mech 070 – Coin Based Cell Phone Charger With Pay System

Mech 071 – Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

Mech 072 – Contour Turning Attachment For Lathe

Mech 073 – Conveyor For Quality Control

Mech 074 – Cooling Tower

Mech 075 – Cordless Security System For Car

Mech 076 – Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Mech 077 – Cylindrical Tapping Machine

Mech 078 – Digital Fuel Level Indicator

Mech 079 – Digital Gear Level Indicator

Mech 080 – Eccentric Brick Breaker

Mech 081 – Eccentric Hammer

Mech 082 – Eccentric Pipe Cutting Machine

Mech 083 – Eccentric Punching Machine

Mech 084 – Eccentric Shear Cutting Machine

Mech 085 – Electrical Energy Can Be Produced By Using Vibration

Mech 086 – Electrical Ramming Machine

Mech 087 – Electrical Steering System In Automobile

Mech 088 – Electro-Magnetic Braking System For Automobile

Mech 089 – ElectroMechnic Ignition System For Automobile

Mech 090 – Elimination Of Carbon Particles From Exhaust Gas

Mech 091 – Emergency Braking System

Mech 092 – Emission Control Of Diesel Engine

Mech 093 – Emission Test For Co2

Mech 094 – Energy Saving Light Arrangement

Mech 095 – Fabrication Of Miller Cutter With Compressed Air

Mech 096 – Fabrication Of Multi-Axis Drilling Machine Floor Cleaning Machine

Mech 097 – Floor Cleaning Machine

Mech 098 – Foot Operated Hydraulic Lift

Mech 099 – Foot Press Hand Washing Machine

Mech 100- Fuel Injector Testing Equipment

Mech 101 – Fuel Processing Technology

Mech 102 – Gear Cutting Attachment For Lathe

Mech 103 – Grass Cutter Machine

Mech 104 – Fabrication Of Ground Dryer

Mech 105 – High-Speed Object Counting Conveyor

Mech 106 – Hydraulic Break Show Riveting Machine

Mech 107 – Hydraulic Cylinder Liner Puller

Mech 108 – Hydraulic Fork Lift

Mech 109 – Hydraulic Hand Operated Pipe Bending Machine

Mech 110 – Hydraulic Machine Vice

Mech 111 – Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Mech 112 – Hydraulic Pressure Testing Pump

Mech 113 – Hydraulic Sheet Bending Machine

Mech 114 – Hydro-Pneumatic Vice

Mech 115 – Industrial Boiler Flame Remote Adjustment System

Mech 116 – Integrated Drucken Drive Prevention System

Mech 117 – Automatic Intelligent Braking System

Mech 118 – Intelligent Motorized Wall Painting Crane

Mech 119 – Internal Grinding Attachment For Lathe

Mech 120 – Involute Gear Profile Error Detector

Mech 121 – Laminar Flow Water Turbine

Mech 122 – Lamination Machine

Mech 123 – LatheCoolant Pump With Fitting Arrangement

Mech 124 – Linear Following Robot

Mech 125 – Low-Cost  Antilock Braking System (Abs)

Mech 126- Lube Oil Cooler

Mech 127 – Magnetic Bearing

Mech 128 – Magnetic Power Transmission For Machine

Mech 129 – Magnetic Suspension In Vehicle

Mech 130 – Manual Operating Spoiler In A Vehicle

Mech 131 – Marble Polishing Machine

Mech 132 – Melting Gas Furnace By Using L.P.G Gas

Mech 133 – Milling Attachment For Lathe

Mech 134 – Mini Fire Fighting Robot

Mech 135 – Mini Hydraulic Press

Mech 136 – Mini Jet Engine

Mech 137 – Mini Milling Machine

Mech 138 – Solar Air Cooler

Mech 139 – Mini Water Service Station

Mech 140 – Mini Wind Mill Cell Phone Charger

Mech 141 – Miniature Boiler

Mech 142 – Mosaic Polishing Machine

Mech 143 – Motorized Hydraulic Jack

Mech 144 – Motorized Screw Jack

Mech 145 – Motorless Weed Cutter

Mech 146 – Multi-Drill Holder

Mech 147 – Multi – Nut Tightner

Mech 148 – Multi-Purpose Ground Dryer

Mech 149 – Multipurpose Keyway Attachment For Lathe

Mech 150 – Multi-Purpose Pneumatic Sheet Cutting Machine

Mech 151 – Nano Abrasive Rails Filter

Mech 152 – Non-Conventional Door Based Power Generation System

Mech 153 – Oil Furnace

Mech 154 – Oil Pump Testing Equipment

Mech 155 – Pantograph Universal Gas Cutting Machine

Mech 156 – Paper Cup Making Machine

Mech 157 – Pedal Operated Cell Phone Charger

Mech 158 – Pedal Operated Pneumatic Vice

Mech 159 – Pedal Operated Ramming Machine

Mech 160 – Pedal Operated Reciprocating

Mech 161 – Water Pumping System

Mech 162 – Pedal Operated Water Pumping System

Mech 163 – Piezo Electric Power Generating Schock Absorber

Mech 164 – Pneumatic Acrylic Sheet Bending Machine

Mech 165 – Pneumatic Autofeed Punching Machine

Mech 166 – Pneumatic Bearing Press

Mech 167 – Pneumatic Sheet Bending/Bend Removing Machine

Mech 168 – Fabrication Of Automatic Pneumatic Brick Making Machine

Mech 169 – Pneumatic Can Crusher

Mech 170 – Pneumatic Disk Break

Mech 171  – Pneumatic Door Open Close System

Mech 172  – Design And Fabrication Of Pneumatic Drill Jig

Mech 173 – Pneumatic Dual Water Pumping System

Mech 174 – Pneumatic Forging Machine

Mech 175 – Pneumatic Gear Tooth Grinder

Mech 176 – Pneumatic Gripper

Mech 177 – Pneumatic Lifting Table

Mech 178 – Pneumatic Machining Time Reduction In Shaper

Mech 179 – Pneumatic Mobile Crane

Mech 180 – Pneumatic Multi-Purpose Grinder

Mech 181 – Fabrication Of Multi-Purpose Machine

Mech 182 – Pneumatic Operated Counter Balance Valve

Mech 183 – Pneumatic Sequence Valve

Mech 184 – Pneumatic Operated Table Clamping Device

Mech 185 – Pneumatic Quick Return Mechanism

Mech 186 – Pneumatic Reciprocating Grinding Machine

Mech 187 – Pneumatic Reciprocating Hack Saw Machine

Mech 188 – Pneumatic Reciprocating Water Pumping System

Mech 189 – Pneumatic Scissor Lifter

Mech 190 – Pneumatic Slotting Machine

Mech 191 – Pneumatic Steering Control Mechanism

Mech 192 – Pneumatic Switch Board Cutter

Mech 193 – Pneumatic Tailstock

Mech 194 – Pneumatic Tool Grinding Grinder

Mech 195 – Pneumatic Vice

Mech 196 – Pneumatic Wheel Chair Cum Bed

Mech 197 – Portable Circular Saw Machine

Mech 198 – Portable Slotting Machine

Mech 199 – Portable Vegetable Cutter And Slicer

Mech 200 – Power Generation From Industrial Waste Water

Mech 201 – Power Generation From Small Wind Mill

Mech 202 – Power Generation Using Two Way Rotation To One Way Rotation

Mech 203 – Power Generation From Water Overhead Tank

Mech 204 – Power Saving System For Lathe

Mech 205 – Prevention Kit For Driving Two Wheeler Without Helmet

Mech 206 – Quick Lifting Jack With Gear Arrangement

Mech 207 – Quick Return Mechanism By Using Crank And Slotted Link Mechanism

Mech 208- Remote Controlled Belt Conveyor

Mech 209 – Remote Controlled Car/Bus Door Open/Close System

Mech 210 – Remote Controlled Pneumatic Door Open Close System

Mech 211 – Remote Controlled Scissor Jack

Mech 212 – Rotary Gate Power Generation System

Mech 213 – Rotary Gear Pump

Mech 214 – Rotary Kaller

Mech 215 – Rotary Vacuum Pump

Mech 216 – Rotary Vane Pump

Mech 217 – Sand Collecting Vehicle

Mech 218 – Sand Mixer

Mech 219 – Fabrication Of Self Lubrication Gear Pump

Mech 220 – Sensor Based Automatic Escalator Movement

Mech 221 – Sheet Bending And Bend Removing Machine

Mech 222 – Six Bar Linkage Mechanism

Mech 223 – Slotting Attachment In Drilling Machine

Mech 224 – Small Stair Climber

Mech 225 – Smart Cane For Visually Impaired People

Mech 226 – Solar Air Dryer

Mech 227 – Solar Board Cleaner

Mech 228 – Solar Car Lift Jack

Mech 229 – Solar Cell Phone Charger

Mech 230 – Solar Cooker

Mech 231 – Solar Emergency Lighting System

Mech 232 – Solar Fan With Lighting System

Mech 233 – Solar Panel Auto Tracking System

Mech 234 – Solar Parabolic Collector

Mech 235 – Solar Powered Bird Scrarer

Mech 236 – Solar Water Heater

Mech 237 – Solar Water Purifier

Mech 238 –  Spark Plug Tester And Cleaner

Mech 239 – Spark Plug Tester

Mech 240 – Spring Loaded Fan

Mech 241  – Spring Separator Machine

Mech 242 –  Steam Power Plant

Mech 243 – Tapping Attachment In Radial Drilling Machine

Mech 244  – Tilting And Swivel Vice

Mech 245  – Tool Post Grinder

Mech 246  – Tube Rolling Machine

Mech 247  – Twin Spindle Drill Holder

Mech 248  – Two Wheeler Automation With Security System

Mech 249  –  Automatic Tyre Pressure Inflation System

Mech 250 –  Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Mech 251 –  Universal Milling Machine For Lathe

Mech 252 –  Universal Tapping Machine

Mech 253 –  Vehicle Ignition Using Rfid Smart Card

Mech 254 –  Visitor Guided Vehicle And Material Handling

Mech 255 –  Weighing Bridge In Moving  Vehicle

Mech 256 –  Wheel Chair Cum Bed

Mech 257 –  Wheel Chair Cum Stretcher Model

Mech 258 –  Wind Energy Vehicle

Mech 259 –  Wire Rope Elevator

Mech 260 –  Zig Saw Cutting Machine


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