The Machine we composed and manufactured is utilized for pounding any state of protests like Circular, Rectangular, and Polygon. In our venture, the work grating belt is accustomed to granulating the material. The rough belt is pivoted by the single stage enlistment engine. Thus our task to be specific rough belt processor is a Special kind of Machine. As indicated by the sort of material to be pound, the crushing apparatus can be changed.

This venture gives subtle elements of pounding different shapes and sizes of parts. This machine can be generally connected in all sort of businesses. By changing the pulley sizes I can get a top of the line speed of more than 10,000 rpm if necessary. The main change I would make is to have a completely encased engine to keep out the coarseness.


Our undertaking is outline and creation of Multi-Use rough belt Grinder. It is utilized to pound the machining surfaces to super Finish and precision. It can be utilized as an outer Grinder by settling the belt processor connection on the transport roller. The standard parts of this connection are principle body, the engine with pulley, orientation, rope pulley and transport rough belt and so on.


The rough belt is utilized to granulate the material. This grating belt is pivoted by the single stage enlistment engine. In our task comprise of end direction with bearing top, roller wheel, shaft, single stage acceptance engine and rough belt. This entire plan is settled on the edge structure where the segment rests.

The roller wheel is mounted on the two end direction with bearing top by the appropriate game plan. There is two roller wheel is utilized as a part of our task to turn the grating belt. One side of the roller wheel shaft, one v-pulley is coupled by the appropriate course of action. The single stage acceptance engine with V-pulley plan is utilized to turn the grating belt through the belt drive system.


1. The machine is smaller and unbending in the measure.

2. Maintenance is less.

3. It can be utilized on wherever of little granulating application

4. By fluctuating the pulley measurement the speed of the rough belt to be changed.


1. The grating belt ought to be variable one for various material. This procedure takes additional time.


1. Grinding outside the activity in any size of the body should be possible.

2. As they encourage is given programmed, 0.8 microns complete might be accomplished.

3. By changing the evaluations of rough belt pounding it can be utilized to crush the carbon steel, Alloy steel, and stainless steel and so on.


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