A tailstock, otherwise called a foot stock, is a gadget frequently utilized as a component of a building machine, wood-turning machine, or utilized as a part of conjunction with a revolving table on a processing machine.

It is generally used to apply support to the longitudinal rotational pivot of a workpiece being machined. A machine focus is mounted in the tailstock and embedded against the sides of an opening in the focal point of the workpiece. A tailstock is especially valuable when the workpiece is moderately long and thin. Neglecting to utilize a tailstock can cause “gab,” where the workpiece twists too much while being cut. In our venture water powered worked tailstock is utilized for this undertaking.


It is additionally utilized on a machine to hold penetrating or reaming instruments for machining a gap in the workpiece. Not at all like penetrating with a boring press or a processing machine, the instrument is stationary while the workpiece turns. Gaps must be cut along the pivot that the workpiece is set to turn.

Normally, the whole tailstock is moved to the surmised position that it will be required by physically sliding it along its ways. There, it is secured and the instrument mounted to it is moved with a lead screw to the correct position where it is required. At the point when a cutting apparatus, for example, a boring apparatus or reamer is utilized, the nourish is finished with this lead screw. The tailstock plume or extendible segment more often than not has a Morse decrease mount toward its finish to secure the bore or reamer. In the event that the work is overwhelming, the bore might be additionally secured from turning with a machine puppy as appeared in the photograph.


In the pneumatic tailstock is the primary concern being the weight created is finished with the assistance of a compressor. The air in that compressor is passed to the twofold acting barrel through the control valves. There are two control valves utilized as a part of this press. One is weight control valve or controller and another is the stream control valve. At the point when the compacted air is passed to the weight control valve, the required weight is acquired by altering its handle. At the point when the air is passed to the stream control valve, the speed of development of cylinder is controlled by modifying the handle. The barrel cylinder pole is associated with the tailstock.


1. Pneumatic tailstock creates more prominent powers than mechanical tailstock

2. The Pneumatic tailstock can apply its full powers at any situation of the slam stroke through the power is greatest toward the finish of stroke in the mechanical tailstock.

3. The length of stroke can differ even inside little ranges.

4. No clamor, no vibrations, and henceforth smooth task.

5. Stroke length and position of stroke can differ effectively.

6. Inertia misfortunes are less.


1. Initial cost is high.

2. Low Speed of activity


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