A processing machine is a machine device utilized for the intricate molding of metal and other strong materials. Its essential shape is that of a pivoting shaper or end process which turns about the axle hub (like a bore), and a portable table to which the workpiece is attached. In other words, the cutting instrument, by and large, stays stationary (aside from its turn) while the workpiece moves to achieve the cutting activity. Processing machines might be worked physically or under PC numerical control.

Processing machines can play out countless activities, for example, opening cutting, arranging, penetrating, discounting, directing, and so forth. In our task is manages littler activity utilizing smaller than usual processing machine.


In this century, we have seen numerous new improvements in an exceptionally propelled way at different fields. Numerous new items, machines have been improved with accessible innovation and different assets. In future, it might be additionally created ahead of time way. Before choosing this smaller than usual processing machine as our task work, we have managed in a few fields identified with mechanical for choosing a superior undertaking work.

Yet, we trust that by doing this small scale processing machine as our venture work in an effective way it might cause us in future to do diverse works. This machine we have produced is set to be the father of all machine apparatuses. By the assistance of this machine, different tasks can be performed.

Different kinds of processing machines are accessible in the market however the machine produced by us is exceptionally practical in all viewpoints i.e., the cost of assembling is less; a number of tasks can be performed. It is smaller in the estimate; It possesses just less region; It can be worked physically even by an incompetent work; this machine can be altered into a Semi-Automatic and Automatic processing machine by changing and settling a portion of the essential segments.

At first, it was comprised of wood however now we have seen diverse sorts of processing machines. The most developed kind of processing machine is NC and CNC processing machines which are completely programmed and is numerically controlled by sustaining dates and writing computer programs is improved the situation different tasks to be performed in the Job.


The acceptance engine is switch on by utilizing the A.C control supply unit. The engine will turn and this vitality exchange to the processing shaft with the assistance of belt drive.

The processing shaft is two sides guided with the assistance of end steel metal balls. The processing shaper is fitted in this pole of the center. The X-Y directional bad habit is utilized to control the workpiece in both the bearing with the goal that the processing activity is done in the workpiece. Little processing and opening activity are finished with the assistance of this machine.


1. Small segments are effectively machined.

2. Machining and working expense are less.

3. The number of tasks can be performed.

4. Accuracy is more.

5. Highly economy.

6. Unskilled work can likewise to work this machine.

7. Production time is less.

8. Occupies less space.

9. A simple component is utilized.

10. More than one activity should be possible at the same time.

11. It is exceptionally helpful in a large scale manufacturing industry.

12. A weight of the machine is less.

13. Foundation isn’t fundamental.

14. Design and creation of machine are exceptionally straightforward.

15. Material wastage is less.

16. Less power utilization.

17. Recondition of machine parts are simple.

18. Various axle speeds are accessible in this machine.

19. Loading and Unloading of a workpiece are exceptionally basic.


1. Complicated shape workpiece can’t be machined.

2. Major activity can’t be performed

3. Automatic capacities can’t be connected.


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