In this cutting-edge world, the power sparing framework helps to us numerous reasons. Here we are utilizing an electronic A.C engine speed controller. This controller is utilized to keep up the set speed of the engine consistent.

The speed variety due to overload, line voltage vacillations, over voltage, surge issues and so on. Can be controlled and the speed is kept up consistent by utilizing this “POWER SAVING SYSTEM IN LATHE”. This unit can be utilized up to 1 H.P. A.C. engine.


In a large portion of the utilization of A.C. engine, consistent speed is most reasonable for some applications. Speed differed because of over-burden, line voltage variances in the information supply, over voltage, changes in the recurrence. Surge issues and so on., Hence to conquer the above hardware control unit are recommended. These issues may cause poor speed direction of the engine and furthermore lesser proficiency. To keep away from these issues electronic this unit is utilized to keep up a steady speed of the engine.

Electronic Digital Speed control of A.C. Engine can be financially built guaranteeing the programmed speed direction regardless of load conditions anyway being basically we can set the required consistent speed with steady power. The engine speed can be from zero to greatest appraised speed. This unit can be utilized up to 1HP A.C. Engine. For speed setting, there is a managing potentiometer with focuses for Indicating the setting we can choose the required speed of the specific engine relies on its motivation.


The power sparing machine is fundamental points of interest for sparing energy of the engine. The engine is on at whatever point the instrument present close on the workpiece. Device post past the workpiece condition the engine is naturally off by detecting the turning handle. The control circuit is comprising of a mistake enhancer speed intensifier, a present speaker, voltage controlled oscillator, a trigger circuit and a full wave connect converter.

The A.C engine is controlled by an A.C converter, contingent on the terminating edge of the SCR. The current provided by the SCR will slack with the connected voltage, so speed control can be accomplished by the shifting of the terminating edge of the SCR.

The speed and current enhancer furnished with directed steady D.C. voltage. At the point when the speed is set to an incentive by methods for potentiometer, the blunder enhancer gives a voltage. The yield from the mistake enhancer is opened up by a speed intensifier; the yield from the speed speaker drives a present intensifier. The yield of the present intensifier gives a D.C voltage to the oscillator circuit contingent upon the enhancer of the info voltage accessible at the VCO.


Mechanical application

Apparatus Application

Power Generation station

Power Transmission Station


Speed control upto 1 H.P A.C engine

Speed variety is easily.

This circuit is a Closed circle control framework

In this circuit, the Isolation transformer is utilized so that the A.C engine is items

SCR terminating edge has differed naturally

By a slight change of this circuit, the single stage acceptance engine speed additionally differed.


This circuit create the sinusoidal A.C voltage just, not the unadulterated A.C voltage

The commotion created by the engine is high because of voltage variety

The productivity of the engine is diminished because of information voltage is changed by the SCR circuit.


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