This Project manages outline and manufactures of pneumatic Bending/Bend evacuating machine. This is utilized to sheet metal twisting and curve evacuating activity with the assistance of a compressor.

At first, the sheet metal is kept on the base apparatus/work table. The pneumatic chamber shaft is associated with the best installation. The compacted air is going to the stream control valve. This is utilized to control the pneumatic stress or working weight. The course control valve is utilized to all over the development of the moving apparatus or best installation.


The pneumatic bowing/twist expelling press is utilized for sheet metal bowing and curves evacuating activity in all ventures. One of the apparatuses is mobile and the other is settled. This pneumatic press is additionally used to expel the curve in the pole and twist the pole. The rule of action is the same as the customary straightforward press. The distinction is just in the kind of drive and the sort of apparatuses utilized.

The accompanying focuses uncover why we need to make utilization of this sort of press

Pneumatic twisting/twist evacuating press decreases the manual work.

This kind of machine diminishes working time.


The pneumatic Bending/twist evacuating press is utilized for blowing up to 18 measure sheet metal with low weight. In the pneumatic press, the primary concern being the weight created is finished with the assistance of a compressor. The air in that compressor is passed to the twofold acting chamber through the control valves. There are two control valves utilized as a part of this press. One is the stream control valve and another is course control valve.

At the point when the packed air is passed to the stream control valve, the speed of development of cylinder is controlled by altering the handle. At that point the air goes to the course control valve, this used to up/down development of the twofold acting pneumatic barrel. The barrel cylinder bar is associated with the best installation. A base installation is settled on the base plate by utilizing screws and nuts.


1. It diminishes the manual work

2. It diminishes the generation time

3. Uniform use of the heap gives culminate fitting of the bearing.

4. Damages to the bearing because of the pounding is counteracted

5. It involves less floor space

6. Less gifted administrator is adequate


1. Initial cost is high

2. Cylinder stroke length is consistent

3. Need a different compressor


Bearing Pressing Operation in all ventures

Bearing Removing activity in all Industries

Sheet metal bowing in sheet metal enterprises

Sheet metal curve evacuating in all businesses

Punching activity additionally done

Arresting and metal framing additionally finished with the assistance of isolated male and female bite the dust.


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