SC04-Secure Data Group Sharing and Dissemination with Attribute and Time Conditions


Cloud computing has increasingly popular among clients and business around the world. Although cryptographic schemes can give data protection to clients in public cloud, a few issues likewise remain problematic, for example, secure data group information and fine-grained access control of time-sensitive data. In this project, we propose an identity-based data group sharing and dissemination scheme in public cloud, in which data proprietor could broadcast encrypted data to a group of receivers at one time by determining these recipients identities in a convenient and secure way.

With a specific end goal to accomplish secure and flexible data group dissemination, we receive attribute-based and timed-release conditional proxy re-encryption to ensure that only data disseminators whose attributes satisfy the access approach of encoded information can disperse it to different groups after the discharging time by assigning a re-encryption key to a cloud server. The re-encryption conditions are related with attributes and releasing time, which enables information proprietor to implement fine-grained and time release access control over disseminated ciphertexts. The theoretical analysis and experimental results demonstrate our proposed scheme makes a tradeoff between computational overhead and expressive dissemination conditions.

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