The convenient opening machine can be moved anyplace close to the action and can be fitted at work. This kills the danger of conveying the activity to the machine table. This unit is driven by 0.5 H.P. single stage engine of 1440 rpm. Worm and worm outfit is utilized to diminish this speed and to alter the course of turn Linked with the CI slider. This empowers the slide to get the responding movement having a stroke length of 75mm. The leader of the opening can be tilted to any coveted point. The head is welded to the slider at the base edge.

In the instrument head, space and tapped gaps are accommodated holding the device. As per the stature of the activity, the head can be climbed or around methods for a segment and can be settled utilizing a cinch gave. On the off chance that a table with a machine bad habit having longitudinal minute is joined to the machine, the setup can be utilized for machining spaces in little employments like pulleys and so forth. Rather than MS sheet, if CI is utilized for body and different parts it will have a longer life, less grating, better oil and the creation cost will likewise be low. This machine can likewise be utilized for creation of little washers by punching if reasonable passes on and brake plan are fitted.


The versatile opening machine can be utilized to make spaces in the workpiece without moving the activity to the work table. The slotter is utilized for cutting scores, keyways and sporadic surfaces both inward and outside, for dealing with vast and ungainly workpieces, for cutting interior or outer riggings and numerous other activity which can’t be advantageously machined numerous other machines.

The opening machine bombs under the classification of responding instrument like the shaper and a planer.

There are two kinds of opening machines. They are

Puncher Slotter

Accuracy Slotter


The Puncher Slotter is a substantially inflexible machine intended to working vast amount of metal from expansive forgings. The stroke length might be changed from 1800 to 2000 mm.


The accuracy opening machine is lighter and working at low speeds when contrasted with puncher opening machine. The machine is intended to complete the occupations in a proper way by utilizing unique dances. The machine can deal with the employment of indistinguishable works because of increment the generation. The accuracy opening machine likewise utilized for broadly useful work the machine having snappy return system.



Versatile opening machines can be played out the accompanying tasks.

Machining level surface

Machining spaces, keyways, and grooves

Machining round and hollow surface

Machining sporadic surface


The opening machine is furnished with a “V” pulley of C.I. Slider having five rates. This pulley is associated with the engine by a ‘V’ belt. At the point when the engine is begun, the principle shaft of the slotter likewise begins spinning at a similar speed. The running rate is 1440 R.P.M. The turn will be of vertical course in view of worm and worm equip. The principle shaft drives the lever shaft.

The speed is additionally lessened in the proportion of 1: 12. The course of turn likewise changed. At the point when the fundamental shaft turns 12 times the flat shaft will pivot just once. The machine empowers us to get 12 strokes/minute. The cam is keyed to the flat shaft. The cam is comprised of a solid metal piece. The connection is associated with the cam stud. The stud is settled at 75 mm from the inside. The stud is made of 6 mm sheet 125 mm length.


In a machine shop of the business at generation division, it is generally utilized.

The slotter is utilized for cutting depressions, keyways and openings of different shapes, for making general and sporadic surfaces both inner and outside.

This machine dealing with expansive and unbalanced workpieces, for cutting interior or outer apparatuses and numerous different tasks which can’t to advantageously machine in some other machine.


1. The compact opening machine can be moved anyplace close to the action and can be fitted to the activity. This kills the danger of conveying the activity to the machine table.

2. This machine can be additionally be utilized for punching little washers if appropriate passes on and break game plan are fitted.


1. This machine can be utilized to make spaces just to a little profundity.

2. Only little cuts ought to be given at once.


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