This venture manages the creation of Automatic Foot Dust cleaning machine. The point of this venture work is to create and modernized process for cleaning the foot tidy naturally on/off the machine.

It is extremely helpful for cleaning the foot tidy. It can be broadly utilized as a part of houses, doctor’s facilities, theater, shops, PC focuses, and so forth. In present day days inside improvements are turning into an essential part of our life. Cleaning of foot tidy is a critical one for our wellbeing and diminishes the labor necessity.

Consistently kids are playing recreations in the ground and their dress, foot, body having dust. They are spotless all the clean containing before going into the room or home. In our task foot, tidy is cleaned naturally by putting the progression in the machine. Subsequently, our venture is exceptionally helpful in our everyday life.


Programmed Foot Dust Cleaning Machine is especially helpful in healing facilities, houses, theater, shops, PC focuses and so on; it is exceptionally basic in development and simple to work. Anyone can work this machine effortlessly. It comprises of the substantial number of brush and this brush is utilized to clean the foot tidy. Consequently, it is extremely valuable in doctor’s facilities, houses, and so on. The time taken for cleaning is less and the cost is additionally less. Support cost is less. There are a few quantities of foot tidy cleaning machine and are working under various standards and the cost is additionally high.

In our venture is exceptionally basic drive system and simple to work any people and kids. The measure of the machine is likewise compact, so we can exchange from one place to other places effortlessly. In our Automatic foot, tidy cleaning machine is basic, all house holding gadget; even youngsters can likewise work it effortlessly with wellbeing. It is vital one for every single house and healing facilities and so on.


The programmed foot tidy cleaning machine is indicated cry figure. The foot is kept on the pushing pole; the push catch is actuated naturally. The primary supply 230V A.C is given to the single stage enlistment engine. The engine is running its ordinary speed. The engine pulley is as of now associated with the primary shaft pulley with the assistance of belt drive. The primary shaft is pivoting as per the speed of the engine and pulley measurement.

The few quantities of brushes are mounted on the principal shaft. The brushes are pivoted because of the turn of the primary shaft. This brushes cleaning the tidy in the foot or shoes. After cleaning the tidy in the foot, the foot was expelled from the machine. The pushing bar has returned to its unique position because of the spring action. The shrub catch is off, with the goal that removes the principal supply to the single stage enlistment engine. The engine is off, so the fundamental shaft is off.


 Manual exertion is decreased.

 Operating time is less.

 Cleaning and cleaning should be possible at the same time.

 Power utilization is less.

 Operating Cost is less.

 The design is exceptionally basic.

 Easy creation.

 It involves less floor territory.

 Initial cost is less.

 Net weight is less.

 Maintenance cost less.

 It can be utilized as a part of different spots

 Smoother task.


 Domestic reason.

 Hospitals.

 Computer focuses.

 Auditoriums.

 Cultural focuses.

 Schools.

 Colleges.

 Large scale enterprises.

 Medium scale enterprises.

 Theatres.

 Educational establishments.


 The speed of the engine is steady.

 Pushing power is required to on the machine consequently.


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