The pneumatic wheel seat cum bed is a system which is utilized for moving bed all over. This is utilized for the impeded individual for living like the typical people do.

For influencing the impaired individual’s to work simple (i.e., they can move bed here and there). Two-way changes are utilized to control the stream wheel seat by utilizing the pneumatic chamber in the packed air.

The pneumatic wheel seat is especially utilized for the physically impaired person’s. It can be utilized for taking books from the self, taking a dress from the self’s and this addition can be utilized for cooking.

The here and there development of the pneumatic wheel seat is worked in the packed air system. This pneumatic chamber course of action is settled in the wheel seat bed. The pneumatic worked in the compacted air.


In this, the main pneumatic wheel seat which was distinguished was for moving bed physically or by the other individual. At a show, it is the requirement for cutting edge in this write on the grounds that physically handicapped individual can’t rely upon for the most part others to encourage him.

So far they have adjusted moving in this. Be that as it may, to discover an adjustment in this framework we have presented our ventures the necessities are satisfied in our task consequently the prerequisite of the disabled is understood through this undertaking. That is the reason we have picked the pneumatic wheel seat cum bed for disabled as our venture. The task which we have chosen is to lessen the human requirements for the physically impaired individual. For the individual sitting on the seat ought to need to move the bed in the steady speed. By utilizing the pneumatic wheel seat cum bed we can move bed the incapacitated individual effortlessly. The cost of this wheel seat costs somewhat higher than the wheel seat has the office of moving bed employments of pneumatic barrel compacted air.


The progressed pneumatic wheel seat for incapacitated comprises of the pneumatic power with compacted air. The power from the pneumatic barrel. What’s more, this is utilized for giving packed air to the pneumatic barrel seat by utilizing the hand worked valve. A pneumatic chamber which is coupled to the stream control valve the pneumatic barrel moving the both back and lifting utilized as a part of the packed air.

Say for instance a crippled individual need move bed a specific separation for taking a few books from the self or he needs to take a few dresses from the self. The ideal opportunity for moving ought not to be significantly more time. At that point, no one but he can fill in as quick as quick as he or she thinks.


Cost is low.

Precision yield effectiveness

Parts are effortlessly accessible in the market

It is exceptionally helpful to take the protest from the long separation

Development is straightforward


It is worked in compacted air

Upkeep is high


It can be utilized especially for the incapacitated people (i.e.) just can be utilized for the leg debilitated people.


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