No being can live without nourishment. To cook the sustenance warm vitality is required. Presently a day to get warm vitality, condensed oil gas, Kerosene and so forth are being utilized as fuel. These fills are expensive. Sunlight based vitality can be utilized to cook nourishment. Sun based vitality is accessible relatively all over the place and exceptionally shoddy moreover.

Sun based reflector box compose sun oriented cooker is utilized to cook sustenance effectively. This kind of cooker is especially helpful in rustic regions where LPG or lamp fuel is not really accessible and wood is the fuel.

The sunlight based reflector box compose sun based cooker is planned and created such that it can be utilized for cooking and in addition putting away warmth vitality. This sort of sun based cooker can be utilized each given daylight is accessible. This cooker can be utilized for quite a while and the cost engaged in assembling this cooker is low.


Sun is the essential wellspring of vitality and all types of vitality on the earth are gotten from it. Everything in this universe is identified with vitality. Man utilizes vitality for each activity notwithstanding when he does.

The extent of utilization of vitality by man has been expanding as the rate of use has been expanding as the rate of use has advanced. The vitality is fundamental on the planet for

 Domestic exercises

 Agricultural tasks

 Lighting and water supply

 Industry and so forth.

An expectation for everyday comforts of any nation is estimated through reasonable vitality utilization of its populace. The wellsprings of vitality are water, atomic, soils petroleum, soils, oil, Diesel, and so on.


Presently vitality will be accessible just at higher setting another test of obscure extents. The increments are just of populace yet in addition to per capitaL utilization of vitality in the created nations as well as in the creating and immature nations. The intense value climb for oil has made it clear to everybody that there are points of confinement to the accessibility of these wellsprings of vitality. Along these lines, endeavors have been expanded in the pursuit and use of different wellsprings of vitality.

The vitality is changed over into two areas

 Conventional vitality

 Non-ordinary vitality

In the ordinary vitality, the power can be produced by the ways. They are,

 With the utilization of water (Thermal vitality)

 With the utilization of atomic (Thermal vitality)

 The warm vitality requires more cost for development and support. The more measure of energy can be produced in the blustery station. It can be connected where more water supplies are accessible.

 In the atomic vitality transformation, more beginning expense is required. More power can be produced. It can’t be built up in the thickly populated territories. Atomic vitality age is unsafe for people.


1. Fuel can be spared utilizing sun oriented cooker

2. Using this cooker then that of the utilizing single intelligent cooker spares 45{0db87490562065f9000963154745e00485813aab81ae882bf33fb536630d64aa} of the ideal opportunity for cooking

3. Since we know cooking thing for everything. So we require not hold up close to the cooker, until the point when the way toward cooking is finished.

4. No smoke is created

5. No danger of mishaps

6. By utilizing twofold reflector more beams are thought about the straightforward glass than that of a single reflected cooker

7. As in the case write sun oriented cooker, the compartment is shut, so no warmth is loosed and cooking is done rapidly than the dish compose sun-powered cooker.


1. During the stormy season, the compelling will turn out to be low

2. It ought to be balanced at normal interim as for the point of occurrence.


Residential Applications

Mechanical warm warming Applications


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