ASP Project On lab_maintanance_system

ASP Project On lab_maintanance_system


Personnel can post and refresh lab subtle elements of understudies. Every one of the clients of robotization of lab assignments can give and view the class and workforce can give data. The understudies are see lab points of interest. Personnel dole out lab time essential and day savvy understudy of class. Staff see lab points of interest and class subtle elements for 6 day essential


1) Faculty keeps up the understudies’ information physically in lab development sheet.

2) The time term of report age is high, on account of the tasks on understudy information are performed physically by the staff.

3) More direction ought to be given by personnel to the understudies about the particular assignment, on the off chance that they have not that quite a bit of information about that errand, with the goal that they can’t use the training session totally


1) Administrator keeps up the database progressively.

2) Report age is performed effectively.

3) Complete data in regards to the lab errands is given.

4) Complete review of the all lab errands is given through example programs and grammar.


Processor: Pentium 4

Processor Speed: 2.40GHz

Slam: 512 MB

Hard Disk: 80GB

Cd Drive: Samsung 52X


Condition : Visual studio .NET 2005

.NET Framework: VERSION 2.0

Dialect: C#

Working System: Windows 2000/XP

Back End: SQL Server 2000


1. Admin

2. Student subtle elements

3. Lab subtle elements

4. Assign lab

5. Staff subtle elements

6. View reports

DOWNLOAD: Lab Details

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