The Solar Powered Air Dryer is new and imaginative innovation basing on mixing Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic Technologies. In our undertaking the sun oriented warm strategy is utilized for drying framework. The machine, sun-oriented air dryer, we present through our undertaking is principally helpful for drying seeds, leafy foods dampness substance.

In our venture, the sun oriented air dryer comprises of four principal parts, for example, Air blower, Flat Plate gatherer, warming Chamber, and Glass. The blower is accustomed to passing the hot air to the required place, with the goal that the dampness substance in the place was expelled. The measure of our task is likewise versatile.



At the point when a strong is dried tentatively, information is gotten relating dampness substance to time. At the point when this information is plotted graphically, it brings about what is known as a drying bend. On the off chance that the dampness content is plotted versus time, the primary bit of the bend (B – C) will demonstrate a consistent rate of drying. The rest of the bend will demonstrate a falling rate of drying (C – D). A – B is that segment of the bend where inner warmth is as yet causing vanishing and finishes when the surface temperature of the strong achieves the wet knob temperature (dew point) of the air.


The Solar sunbeams go through the glass in the Flat plate gatherer, situated on the highest point of the cupboard, which is arranged to tilt edge equivalent to the scope to gather most extreme radiation. The bureau is made of hostile to destructive material and of particular nature to meet the differing sizes and stacking limits of items, going from 8 to 50 kgs or more

The hot air goes through the plate, conveys the dampness from the item. The constrained air course in the bureau is accomplished through this impeller aficionado of the blower. In highlights, the electrical warmers are given as standby to meet any exigencies on non-radiant days.


The Solar dryer can be utilized to dry an assortment of farming items and nourishment things, for example, Fruits (Grapes, bananas and so forth.)/Vegetables (Potatoes, Onions and so on.)/Grains (Paddy, Wheat, Maize and so forth.)/Spices (Ginger, Garlic, Chills and so on.)/Cash crops (Coffee, Herbs, Flowers and so forth.)/Fish and Meat/Mushrooms.

We configuration commission and introduce modern Solar drying frameworks according to the client needs and necessities. Framework subtle elements can be sent to the endless supply of particular necessities from the client

Vegetables: Mushroom, Curry Leaves, Tomato, Gum, Onion, Potato, Chilies,

Coconut, Mint, Spices, Ginger and so on.

Fruits: Grapes, Papaya, Apple, Mango, Guava and so on

Flowers: Honey, Jasmine, Rose and so on.

Ocean Foods: Fish, Prawns and so on.

Restorative Plants: Rose Mary, Tulasi, Amla and so on.

Chemicals: Silicon Carbide, Micro Crystalline


 Simple in development

 This framework is silent inactivity

 It is compact, so it can be exchanged effortlessly from one place to other places

 Maintenance cost is low


 It does not sanitize air

 Initial cost is high

 Solar board spares the vitality amid day as it were


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