The pneumatic framework has picked up a lot of significance in most recent couple of decades. This significance is because of its precision and cost. This accommodation in working the pneumatic framework has influenced us to configuration to and manufacture this unit as our undertaking. This unit, as we trust that it can be worked effectively with semi gifted administrators.

The pneumatic auto sustain punching machine has favorable position of working in low weight, that is even a weight of 6 bar is sufficient for working the unit. The pressurized air going through the tubes to the barrel, powers the cylinder out whose power through the linkage is transmitted to the punch. The work piece along these lines got is for required measurements and the piece can be gathered through the land leeway gave in the bite the dust.

The pass on utilized as a part of this is settled with the end goal that the bite the dust of required shape can be utilized by the prerequisite. This empowers us to utilize distinctive write punch passes on bringing about an extensive variety of items. Diverse kinds of punch as necessity can be subsequently got. As indicated by the work material the working weight can be fluctuated.


The press is the punching machine apparatus intended to punch letter by applying mechanical power or weight. The metal is punched to the coveted necessity. The presses are only proposed for large scale manufacturing and they speak to the quickest and more effective approach to shape a metal into a completed punched item. Press instruments are utilized to frame and cut thin metals. Press instruments activity can be rearranged to a couple of straightforward tasks including a punch a pass on.

There are Nemours kinds of presses in building field, which are utilized to satisfy the necessities. We are intrigued to present pneumatic framework in presses. The principle capacity of machine is to shape or cut thin sheet metals or non metals utilizing pneumatic power. In this task we have used to punching process for straightforward application.


The compacted air from the compressor at the weight of 5 to 7bar is gone through a pipe associated with the Solenoid valve with one info. The Solenoid Valve is activated with Control Timing Unit. The Solenoid valve has two yields and one info. The air going into the info goes out through the two yields when the planning control unit is activated. Because of the high pneumatic stress at the base of the cylinder, the gaseous tension underneath the cylinder is more than the weight over the cylinder. So these moves the cylinder pole upwards which climb the exertion are, which is rotated by control unit. This power acting is passed on to punch which additionally moves downwards.

The punch is guided by a punch direct who is settled with the end goal that the punch is plainly guided to the kick the bucket. The materials are in the middle of the punch and pass on. So as the punch descends the materials are sheared to the required profile of the punch and the clear is moved downwards through the pass on leeway. At the point when the cylinder is at the extraordinary purpose of the stock length, the fumes valve is opened and the air is depleted through it and the pressurized air come in at the highest point of the cylinder and it pushes the cylinder downwards. So the one side of the air is pulled downwards and the opposite side is lifted upwards. So the punch is in this way pulled upwards from the pass on. Presently the cylinder achieves the base purpose of the required stroke length. Presently the material is nourished and the following stroke of the cylinder is made prepared. At the point when the material is effectively situated then this machine is again incited consequently. The time length of the succeeding punching is balanced with the assistance of control timing unit.


1. The exceptional preferred standpoint of pneumatic framework is the control valve which reliably applies a predetermined load with least exertion.

2. From thin thwarts to metal sheets can be punctured by alluring shapes.

3. It can be altered to any stretch out to draw out the required exertion.

4. Its result can be used legitimately in the broad mechanical field.

5. Multiple barrel frameworks can be put vigorously as indicated by the need of squeezing exertion.

6. In present day payer plants this pneumatic framework can be utilized for stacking press roll.

7. Simple development than the mechanical and pressure driven presses.

8. Compared to water driven and mechanical presses pneumatic press is sparing.

9. It does not require current conveying links.

10. No additional expertise is required for working this framework.

11. Operation is extremely smooth and in this framework we can get more yield by applying less exertion.

12. This framework can be viably utilized for punch check in modern materials, for example, ventures name, address or number of item.


 Hard and thick materials can not be bolted.

 Even a touch of spillage may bring about power misfortune.

 Due to the linkages there will be frictional misfortunes.

 Maintenance will be more because of the quantity of moving parts.

 Stroke length is settled.


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