The unpredictable shear cutting machine can be moved anyplace close to the action and can be fitted at work. This kills the danger of conveying the activity to the machine table. This unit is driven by 0.25 H.P. single stage engine of 1440 rpm. This empowers the slide to get the responding movement having a stroke length of 75mm. The leader of the opening can be tilted to any coveted point. The head is welded to the slider at the base edge.

The finish of the base edge moving shaper is appended to the reasonable plan. The settled shaper is settled to outline stand. This machine can likewise be utilized for generation of little sheet cutting materials.


The unpredictable shear slicing machine can be utilized to cut the sheet easily. The offbeat drive component has a high mechanical preferred standpoint close to the base of the stroke.


The unpredictable cutting machine is furnished with a “V” pulley driving paces. This pulley is associated with the engine by a ‘V’ belt. At the point when the engine is begun, the principle shaft of the slotter additionally begins spinning at a similar speed. The running rate is 1440 R.P.M. The principle shaft drives the even shaft.

The speed is additionally diminished in the proportion of 1: 10. The bearing of revolution likewise changed. At the point when the principle shaft pivots 10 times the even shaft will turn just once. The machine empowers us to get 10 strokes/minute. The cam is keyed to the even shaft. The cam is comprised of the solid metal piece e. The connection is associated with the cam stud. The stud is settled at 75 mm from the middle. The finish of the base stud moving shaper is settled. The settled shaper is settled to the casting stand. The engine will turn the cutting machine cut the sheet consistently.


This machine is exceptionally helpful for little scale ventures

This machine is utilized to cut the rolled sheet metal

All Industrial Application


 The high torque cannot be gotten

 Only this machine cut the little sheet metal


 Quick reaction is accomplished

 Simple in development

 Easy to keep up and repair

 Cost of the unit is less when contrasted with other machines

 No fire danger issue due to overstacking

 Comparatively, the task cost is less

 A continuous task is conceivable without halting

 Portable in Size


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