The pneumatic granulating is a metal pounding machine apparatus intended to cut/crush metal by applying pneumatic weight. The machine is solely planned for large-scale manufacturing and they speak to the fastens and more proficient approach to cut a metal. The moderate speed task is happens in a granulating activity. This machine is a multipurpose machine.

Hacksaws are utilized to cut thin and delicate metals. The crushing shaft is accustomed to granulating task by supplanting the hacksaw outline. The task of the unit is disentangled to a couple of straightforward activities including a chamber piece and cylinder game plan.

There are various kinds of pounding machines in Engineering field, which are utilized to satisfy the prerequisites. We are intrigued to present the pneumatic framework in particularly in crushing machine and furthermore pounding activity. The principle capacity of Pneumatic granulating is to cut thin and delicate metals by pneumatic power.


Since pneumatic circuit assumes an essential part of this gadget, it is exceptionally important to clarify the working of this circuit. At first beginning with air packs, its capacity is to pack air from a low gulf weight (normally climatic) to a higher weight level. This is an achieved by diminishing the volume of the air. Air compressors are for the most part positive removal units and are both of the responding cylinder write or the rotating screw or turning vane composes. The air compressor utilized here is a commonly little estimated, two-arrange compressor unit.

It likewise comprises of a packed air tank, electric rotor and pulley drive, weight controls and instruments for speedy attach and utilize. The compressor is driven by a 10HP engine and intended to work in 145 – 175 PSI run. On the off chance that the weight surpasses the outlined weight of the recipient a discharge esteem gave discharges the overabundances air and in this way remains a leader of any perils to happen.

The put away air from the compressor is gone through an air fitter where the packed air is sifted from the fine clean particles. In any case, before the suction of air into compressor a channel procedure occur, however not adequate to work in the circuit here the channel is utilized.

At that point having a weight controller where the coveted weight to the worker is set. Here a variable weight controller is embraced. Through an assortment of, course control esteem is accessible, a hand worked solenoid Valve with the control unit is connected.

The solenoid valve utilized here is 5 ports, 3 positions. There are two fumes ports, two outlet ports and one delta port. In two outrageous positions, just the headings can be changed while the Centro metal is an impartial position and no physical changes are caused. The 2 outlet ports are associated with an actuator (Cylinder). The pneumatic initiates is a twofold acting, single bar barrel. The barrel yield is coupled to additionally reason. The cylinder end has an air horning impact to counteract sudden push at extraordinary closures.


 The packed air from the compressor achieves the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve alters the course of the stream as per the signs from the planning gadget.

 The packed air goes through the solenoid valve and it is conceded into the front end of the chamber square. The air pushes the cylinder for the granulating stroke. Toward the finish of the crushing stroke air from the solenoid valve achieves the backside of the barrel piece. The weight continues as before however the region is less because of the nearness of cylinder pole. This applies more noteworthy weight on the cylinder, pushing it at a speedier rate hence empowering quicker return stroke.

 The weight appended toward the finish of the hacksaw outline gives consistent burdens which bring down the hacksaw to empower constant crushing of the work.

 The stroke length of the cylinder can be changed by making a reasonable alteration in the clock.

 Grinding hacksaw outline is evacuated on account of a granulating task. The above same technique is happening in the granulating task.


 There is no need of giving food amid each slice because of the nearness of weight.

 The pounding/granulating rate can be changed by our necessities by modifying the clock.

 It is versatile

 It does not have any Prime mover, similar to electric engine identified with the unit.

 As the air is uninhibitedly accessible, we can use the air to cut the metal and henceforth it is prudent.

 Simple in development than mechanical hacksaw and processor

 It is a minimal one

 Less Maintenance


 Only littler size and delicate metal can be cut

 It is costlier than the mechanical hacksaw on account of the compressor unit.

 Less effectiveness when compacted to the mechanical gadget.

 Leakage of air influences the working of the unit.


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