With respect to Indian street transport situation is concerned, mischances are turning into an everyday reason an endeavor has been made in this undertaking to decrease such accidents.

In our undertaking of “PNEUMATIC STEERING MECHANISM” having the accompanying activity happens consequently in the vehicle. They are, Pneumatic guiding arrangement regarding the packed air by means of a solenoid valve


Auto security is the evasion of car crashes or the minimization of hurtful impacts of mishaps, specifically as relating to human life and wellbeing. Uncommon wellbeing highlights have been incorporated with autos for a considerable length of time, some for the security of auto’s tenants just, and some for the security of others.

The main power guiding framework on a vehicle was clearly introduced in 1876 by a man with the surname of Fitts. Little else is thought about him. The following force directing framework was put on a Columbia 5-ton truck in 1903. Robert E. Twyford, an inhabitant of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, incorporated a mechanical power directing instrument as a component of his patent (U.S. Patent 646,477) issued on April 3, 1900, for the initial four-wheel drive system. Francis W. Davis, a specialist of the truck division of Pierce-Arrow started investigating how guiding could be made less demanding, and in 1926 designed and exhibited the main pragmatic power controlling framework. Davis moved to General Motors and refined the water-powered helped control directing framework, however, the automaker figured it would be excessively costly, making it impossible to produce. Davis at that point joined with Bendix, a sections maker for automakers. Military needs amid World War II for less demanding controlling on substantial vehicles supported the requirement for control help on reinforced autos and tank-recuperation vehicles for the British and American armies. Chrysler Corporation presented the primary industrially accessible traveler auto control directing framework on the 1951 Chrysler Imperial under the name “Hydraguide”. The Chrysler framework depended on a portion of Davis’ terminated licenses. General Motors presented the 1952 Cadillac with a power controlling framework utilizing the work Davis had improved the situation of the organization very nearly twenty years earlier. Charles F. Hammond, an American, conceived in Detroit, recorded a few licenses for enhancements of energy directing with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office in 1958. Most new vehicles presently have control guiding, inferable from the patterns toward front wheel drive, more prominent vehicle mass, and more extensive tires, which all expansion the required controlling exertion. Heavier vehicles as regular in a few nations would be to a great degree hard to move at low speeds, while vehicles of lighter weight may not require control helped directing by any stretch of the imagination.


 To give smooth and wellbeing ride.

 Easy to upkeep.

 To give the country mishap-free streets.

 Low-Cost Automation Project


Extra Cost is required.


This framework can be utilized as a part of overwhelming moving vehicles, for example, transports and trucks and so on.

In this manner it can be helpful for the accompanying sorts of vehicles;



3) FIAT,




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