Engine over Heating Alarm and Temperature Control System


Presently a day, Machines are generally controlled by the implanted framework. To address the issue of detonating populace financial and viable control of machines is vital. The primary subject of our task is to keep up the consistent temperature of the motor and keep the motor from the over warming

Today every vehicle are controlled by the control motor administration framework, in this framework, the aggregate vehicle is controlled by the 64-bit processor, here in our undertaking bargains about the temperature checking in Automobile motor

The temperature transducer is put on the leader of the motor. The sensor is associated with the controlling unit, the output of the controlling unit is associated with the radiator fan, when a temperature of the motor transcends determined level fan will be programmed begins and increment the warmth exchange rate makes a motor to cool, if temperature of the motor reductions from the predefined level motor fan will cut off and keep up steady temperature


 This framework decides the precise position than the mechanical technique.

 This framework diminishes the weight of the support.

 This framework wipes out the manual work.

 Highly precise and more proficient.

 Compact and fast reaction.

Download: engine overheating and alarm

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