The point of the task is pneumatic worked water pumping framework. Outspread plunger Pneumatic Water pumping framework are responding pump in which the cylinder is accommodated the pumping activity. The cylinder is responded with the assistance of a pneumatic chamber and solenoid valve. There are two chambers are utilized as a part of this undertaking, one for a pneumatic barrel and another for a water-driven chamber. The yield amount of the water is shifted by the planning control unit.


A pump is a Mechanical gadget which changes over mechanical vitality into water powered vitality. This pump is arranged into two sorts;

i. Positive Displacement and

ii. Non-Positive Displacement pump

In positive relocation, a pump is the one, in which the fluid is exchanged emphatically starting with one phase then onto the next stage by the back and forth movement of the plunger or cylinder of the pump. In non-positive uprooting pump, the fluid is exchanged by the divergent power. This power is a cause because of the revolving development of an impeller. In this, our undertaking, pneumatic water pump is of positive removal pump. The remarkable highlights of a pneumatic water pump have been held in our undertaking model and this has been accomplished with incredible care.

Because of high exactness work associated with delivering pneumatic water pump other than higher cost these pumps are not generally produced by the greater part of the businesses. The very name itself shows that it works with the assistance of a cylinder. This cylinder is responded with the assistance of a solenoid valve and electronic planning control unit.


At first beginning with air packs, its capacity is to pack air from a low channel weight (typically air) to a higher weight level. This is an achieved by lessening the volume of the air.

Air compressors are by and large positive relocation units and are both of the responding cylinder compose or the revolving screw or turning vane writes. The air compressor utilized here is a regular little measured, two-organize compressor unit. It additionally comprises a packed air tank, electric rotor and pulley drive, weight controls and instruments for snappy attach and utilize. The compressor is driven by a 10HP engine and intended to work in 145 – 175 PSI run. In the event that the weight surpasses the composed weight of the collector a discharge esteem gave discharges the overabundances air and consequently remains a leader of any dangers to happen.

The put-away air from the compressor is gone through an air fitter where the packed air is separated from the fine clean particles. Be that as it may, before the suction of air into compressor a channel procedure happen, yet not adequate to work in the circuit here the channel is utilized. At that point having a weight controller where the coveted weight to the worker is set. Here a variable weight controller is embraced.

Through an assortment of bearing control, esteem is accessible, a hand worked solenoid Valve with the control unit is connected. The solenoid valve utilized here is 5 ports, 3 positions. There are two fumes ports, two outlet ports, and one delta port. In two outrageous positions, just the headings can be changed while the Centro metal is an unbiased position and no physical changes are caused. The 2 outlet ports are associated with an actuator (Cylinder). The pneumatic initiates is a twofold acting, single pole chamber. The chamber yield is coupled to additionally reason. The cylinder end has an air horning impact to forestall sudden push at extraordinary closures.


Since the Pneumatic water Pump is more proficient it is utilized for pumping the water or oil for the most part.

Local Applications

Modern Applications


1. This is of reduced in measure

2. Less Maintenance is sufficient

3. The oil or water pumped is of higher weight

4. Quite running and smooth activity is accomplished.

5. Higher productivity

6. Full productive positive dislodging pump

7. Effective working standard

8. It does not have any Prime mover, similar to electric engine identified with the unit.

9. As the air is unreservedly accessible, we can use the air to pumping the water and henceforth it is temperate.

10. Less Maintenance


 It is costlier than alternate sorts of direct as a result of compressor unit.

 Less productivity when compacted to other gadget.

 Leakage of air influences the working of the unit.


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