Android Inventory Tracker


The project Android Inventory tracking system is an android application that permits tracking inventory effortlessly. This project will track the area of the inventory and is beneficial if there should be an occurrence of the large inventory. This application makes it easier to manage large inventories as it helps in tracking it which reduces the time required to search a particular stock. The project additionally has a login page where in the client is required to enroll and at exactly that point can see the availability of stock. This project requires web access and along these lines, there is a disservice of server disappointment.

This application incorporates an appealing UI and furthermore empowers a client to add, delete, and update the stock. Correspondingly the client can likewise add, delete or update stock points of interest as and when required. This application monitors stock by monitoring inventory inwards and outwards. This likewise keeps up points of interest of stock, for example, cost, quality, amount, and depiction. The stock administration system has its own brilliantly oversaw the emotionally supportive network that enables a client to view and manage different inventories included the system. Likewise system predicts future deals and alerts about the stock that will be expected to full that prerequisites in view of earlier year examination. The framework utilizes relapse examination for forecast. Accordingly, this system decreases time an additionally managing inventory easier.

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