This task work titled “Manufacture OF BEVEL GEAR DRIVE SCREW JACK” has been considered having contemplated the trouble in lifting any kind of light vehicles.

Our review in the respect in a few car carports uncovered the certainties that for the most part some troublesome strategies were embraced in lifting the vehicles for reconditioning.

Presently the venture has mostly focused on this trouble, and consequently, an appropriate gadget has been composed. To such an extent that the vehicle can be lifted from the floor arrive without utilization of any effect constrain.

The manufacture some portion of it has been considered with near case for its effortlessness and economy, to such an extent this can be suited as one of the basic apparatuses on car carports.

The consequent sections demonstrate all the fundamental highlights of its manufacture, application, and its cost investigation.


This gadget the slope design drive screw jack for vehicle carports has been created to later the requirements of little and medium car carports, who are ordinarily man fueled with exceptionally least of talented works. In the vast majority of the carports, the vehicles are lifted by utilizing screw jack. This needs high labor and gifted works.

With a specific end goal to dodge every such impediment. This, incline to adapt drive tighten jack has been outlined such a path, to the point that it can be utilized to lift the vehicle easily with no effect constrain. The activity is made be basic that even an untalented work can take care of, by simply showing the working of the mechanized screw jack once.

The d.c engine is combined with the screw jack by goad equip system. This is a time of robotization where it is comprehensively characterized as substitution of manual exertion by mechanical power in all degrees of computerization. The activity remains a basic piece of the framework in spite of the fact that with changing requests on physical contribution as the level of automation is expanded.

Degrees of mechanization are of two sorts, viz.

Full mechanization.

Semi mechanization.

In semi mechanization, a mix of manual exertion and mechanical power is required though in full computerization human cooperation is extremely irrelevant.


The lead-corrosive battery is utilized to drive the d.c engine. The d.c engine shaft is associated with the Beval outfit. In the event that the power is given to the D.c engine, it will run with the goal that the goad outfit additionally rushes to the moderate speed of the D.C engine. The screw jack and moves the cylinder upward, with the goal that the vehicle lifts from the ground.

The vehicle is lifted by utilizing the lifting level frame in the highest point of the screw jack. The engine is drawn supply from the battery. The lifting and inspiring is finished by changing the battery supply to the engine


• This outfit rolls out it conceivable to improve the working edge

• Differing in the number of teeth (adequately distance across) on each wheel enables the mechanical favorable position to be changed. By expanding or diminishing the proportion of teeth between the drive and driven wheels one may change the proportion of turns between the two, implying that the rotational drive and torque of the second wheel can be changed in connection to the to start with, with speed expanding and torque diminishing, or speed diminishing and torque expanding.


• One wheel of such apparatus is intended to work with its reciprocal haggle other

• Must be decisively mounted

• The tomahawks must be equipped for supporting huge powers


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