This undertaking manages the outline and manufacture of the hydropneumatic bad habit with an air-to-water driven weight supporter, the hydropneumatic bad habit is equipped for holding little and moment workpieces with a vast power consequently empowering exactly an exact task. The undertaking consolidates the upsides of both water power and pneumatics, in this manner wiping out the disadvantages that might be related with the utilization of liquid power Also the air-to-water powered weight promoter enhancers the power with which the bad habit holds the workpiece. The features of this task are that it is exceptionally sparing, precise, and simple to work and has a wide assortment of uses.


This task manages the activities of a machine bad habit utilizing liquid power. Liquid power empowers us to work the bad habit easily, exactness, wellbeing and for high weight tasks. The benefits of hydrodynamics and pneumatics are converged in such a way in this venture in order to totally dispose of any inconvenience that might be related to the utilization of liquid power. The nearness of an air-to-water powered weight braggart in this hydro pneumatic bad habit empowers augmentation of power. A little pneumatic weight is used to create a high water driven liquid weight which bears on a pressure driven actuator. Likewise, the utilization of standard segments and materials has prompt the impressive lessening in creation cost.


The air – to – water driven weight supporter takes a shot at the premise of PASCALS’S LAW.

Pascal’s Law:

The weight connected to a limited liquid is transmitted undiminished every which way. Give us a chance to expect that a 10 square inch air cylinder is subjected to 100 psi gaseous tension. This weight produces 1000 lb constrain on the water-powered chamber cylinder. In this manner, if the region of the water-powered cylinder is 1 square inch, the water-powered release oil weight will be 1000 psi. In this manner the weight with which the bad habit cinches the workpiece is high. The weight proportion of an air-to-water driven weight promoter can be found by utilizing

Weight Ratio = (Output Oil weight/Input Air Pressure)

Consequently, an extensive distance across air chamber drives a little breadth pressure driven barrel. Therefore costly pumps and high weight valves of the ordinary pressure driven framework are disposed of.


Holding the workpieces:

Air from a solitary stage air compressor enters the push catch course control valve and is coordinated to the pneumatic actuator. The pneumatic actuator is a solitary acting chamber and the compacted air expands the cylinder. The cylinder bar enters the water-powered Tank loaded with water driven oil and pressurizes the pressure driven liquid. Along these lines, the pressure driven liquid enters the conveyance pipe through a channel game plan. The pressurized liquid is made to follow up on a water driven chamber set on a table course of action.

The water driven liquid at that point expands the pressure driven cylinder. The finish of the cylinder bar is strung and the portable jaw of the machine bad habit is associated with it. Therefore the portable jaw stretches out alongside the cylinder bar and grasps the workpiece against the settled jaw put oppositely inverse to it.

Discharging the workpiece:

The task of hand lever initiates the spring focused two ways, two positions, heading control valve in the water driven circuit. Likewise, the push catch bearing control valve in the pneumatic circuit is worked at the same time. This depletes the air in the pneumatic chamber, therefore withdrawing the pneumatic cylinder. In the meantime, water powered liquid streams back to the pressure-driven tank. Consequently, the single acting water powered chamber withdraws the pressure driven cylinder accordingly discharging the workpiece.


1. To hold the activity unbendingly while machining.

2. For snappy clasping and unclamping of the activity.


1. The idle time of the machine is diminished.

2. When contrasted and the mechanical indecencies, it expends less time for clasping and unclamping the activity.

3. It diminishes the physical work

4. Hence, generation rate is higher

5. Hydro-pneumatic bad habit having both the benefits of water power and pneumatics


1. Initial higher cost.

2. May be a decision of air/oil spillage

3. Cylinder stroke length is steady


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