The machine, ground dryer, we present through our venture is for the most part helpful for drying grounds, for example, cricket ground, football ground and wherever dampness substance. Presently a day, rainfall happens at the season of rainfall chess, for example, football or cricket. Around then, the ground dryer is utilized to evacuate the dampness substance in the ground.

In our undertaking, the ground dryer comprises of two primary parts, for example, warming component and blower. The blower is accustomed to passing the hot air to the ground, so the dampness substance in the ground was expelled. The measure of our venture is likewise convenient. So we can move the ground dryer to wherever effectively.



At the point when a strong is dried tentatively, information are gotten relating dampness substance to time. At the point when these information are plotted graphically, it brings about what is known as a drying bend. In the event that the dampness content is plotted versus time, the principal bit of the bend (B – C) will demonstrate a steady rate of drying.

The rest of the bend will show a falling rate of drying (C – D). A – B is that bit of the bend where inside warmth is as yet causing dissipation and closures when the surface temperature of the strong achieves the wet globule temperature (dew point) of the air.



The A.C control supply is connected to the warming component. The warming component gets warmed and creates hot flares out from the warming component. The blower comprises of A.C engine and impeller (fans). The A.C engine combined with the impeller (fan). The impeller comprises of more number of cutting edges. It is settled over the warming component, with the goal that hot air compelled to the ground.

The tilting component is accustomed to tilting the blower cutting edges, with the goal that the hot air appropriated all required way. The Permanent magnet D.C engine is accustomed to tilting the blower sharp edges back and front. The managed D.C control supply is given to the Permanent magnet D.C engine.


To expel the dampness from the cricket ground.

It is likewise used to expel the dampness from the football ground.

It is likewise used to hot air creation

It is utilized as a room warmer


It can’t expel the more water starting from the earliest stage

The expansive time required to expel the dampness starting from the earliest stage

Physically worked

Power supply links are required from fundamental to the machine


Conservative size and convenient

Simple to move starting with one place then onto the next place

Working standard is straightforward.

Non-gifted individual additionally work this machine


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