In our undertaking, we are taking out the need of transports, bed trolley, and so on to deal with the material move in overwhelming ventures. For reason, we are planning mechanized guided vehicle controlled by microchip controller. In the accessible strategies for material dealing with labor, fuel control is utilized. Before the finish of 2020, fuel store on the planet totally exhausted.

To stay away from this kind of issues and diminish labor prerequisite we require another sort of computerization is called mechanized guided Vehicle. The microcontroller is utilized to control the vehicle way consequently. The rechargeable battery is providing energy to the computerized guided vehicle.


We have delighted in presenting our new venture “Direct FOLLOWING ROBOT”, which is prepared by smaller scale controller, engine driving system and battery.

The power put away in the battery is utilized to drive the DC engine that makes the development AVG. The speed of turn of DC engine i.e., a speed of AVG is controlled by the microchip controller. This is a period of computerization where it is extensively characterized as substitution of manual exertion by mechanical power in all degrees of robotization. The task remains a fundamental piece of the framework despite the fact that with changing requests on physical contribution as the level of motorization is expanded.

Degrees of mechanization are of two sorts, viz.

Full mechanization.

Semi mechanization.

In semi mechanization, a mix of manual exertion and mechanical power is required while in full computerization human cooperation is exceptionally unimportant.


These days all the assembling procedure is being atomized so as to convey the items at a speedier rate. The assembling activity is being atomized for the accompanying reasons.

 To accomplish large scale manufacturing

 To diminish labor

 To increment the productivity of the plant

 To diminish the work stack

 To lessen the creation cost

 To lessen the creation time

 To lessen the material dealing with

 To lessen the weakness of specialists

 To accomplish great item quality

 Less Maintenance


The straight line movement drive is given by the DC engine settled at the back wheel shaft of AVG. The supply of the current is given by the battery gave on the sheet metal.

The putaway vitality from the battery is provided to D.C motor. The straight line development of the AVG is finished by the d.c engine (12 V/2A). The engine is settled at the back wheel shaft of the AVG. The supply to the engine is given by battery (12 V/7 Ah). This battery likewise gives the supply of current to the microcontroller.

The as of now vitality put away in the battery is sent to d.c engine control circuit. The d.c engine works as indicated by the program composed on the microcontroller chip. (i.e.) AVG moves to a separation of determined esteem and right then and there control supply to d.c engine is cut off and again a power supply is given to the d.c engine so that the AVG moves in the best way. So the predetermined way which is required for us is gotten by the above strategy. In our undertaking lead-corrosive battery is utilized. The lead-corrosive batteries yield is given to the control unit. Control unit having four transfers, they are associated with the two D.C engine in forwarding and turn around the pivot of the task.

Transfer 1 – Forward Direction

Transfer 2 – Reverse Direction

Transfer 3 – Left Turn

Transfer 4 – Right Turn

At first, the vehicle is moving forward way when the switch is on. The way is now customized in a control unit. At that point, the control unit actuates the best possible transfer so the vehicle moves forward way for specific day and age. At that point the vehicle hands over the left course for specific day and age. At that point, the vehicle turns ideal for specific day and age.


 Open field work.

 Using replaceable, battery, it can be utilized as a part of inside too.

 Used in gathering segment.


 Low running expense.

 Battery control source.

 Pollution free.

 By utilizing EPROM it can be utilized as a part of FMS.


 High Initial cost.

 Battery charger required

 Battery charging time is high.

 AVG does not detect the hindrance in the AVG ways.


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