The Pneumatic Switchboard shaper can be moved anyplace close to the action and can be fitted at work. This takes out the danger of conveying the activity to the machine table. This empowers the slide to get the responding movement having a stroke length of 75mm. The shaper (or) sharp edge is welded to the slider at the base edge.

In our undertaking, “Pneumatic switchboard Cutter” is utilized to cut the distinctive material for the diverse application.


The Pneumatic switchboard shaper can be utilized to influence cutting in the workpiece with no effect to constrain. The sharp edge is utilized for cutting wooden, fiber and sporadic surfaces both inside and outside, for taking care of extensive and unbalanced workpieces, for cutting inner or outer switches and numerous other tasks which can’t be helpfully machined numerous other machines.


 The packed air from the compressor achieves the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve alters the course of a stream as per the signs from the planning gadget.

 The compacted air go through the solenoid valve and it is conceded into the front end of the barrel piece. The air pushes the cylinder for the cutting stroke. Toward the finish of the cutting stroke air from the solenoid valve achieves the backside of the chamber piece. The weight continues as before however the zone is less because of the nearness of cylinder bar. This applies more noteworthy weight on the cylinder, pushing it at a quicker rate along these lines empowering speedier return stroke.

 The weight joined toward the finish of the hacksaw outline gives consistent burdens which bring down the hacksaw to empower nonstop cutting of the work.

 The stroke length of the cylinder can be changed by making reasonable modification in the clock.


In a machine shop of the business at generation division, it is generally utilized.

The shaper is utilized for cutting notches, keyways and openings of different shapes, for making normal and unpredictable surfaces both inside and outer.

All switchboard cutting spots.


1. The multi-reason shaper can be moved anyplace close to the action and can be fitted to the activity. This dispenses with the danger of conveying the activity to the machine table.

2. This machine can be additionally be utilized for cutting little wooden and fiber material if appropriate sharp edge.


1. This machine can be utilized to make slice just to a little profundity.

2. Only little cuts ought to be given at once.


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