To make a vehicle that will have the capacity to explore the rough landscape and at last have the capacity to climb steps, while exploring around generally blocked items. In the wake of inquiring about the field of step climbing wheel seat and off-road vehicles, we settled on outlining and building a multi-jointed vehicle that would have the capacity to move up and down from ventures by raising and bringing down its distinctive areas. Utilizing these physical properties we could influence the wheel to seat lift itself off the ground, and in the long run climb steps, we concocted a rundown of focuses laying out the essential practices that the vehicle must group with the end goal for it to be a win.


Computerization can be accomplished through PCs, mechanized, water power, pneumatics, mechanical autonomy, and so on., of these sources, mechanized frame an appealing medium for minimal effort mechanization. Mechanization assumes a critical part in car. Presently a day’s every one of the machines are being atomized with a specific end goal to item the individual. The car vehicle is being atomized for the accompanying reasons.

 To accomplish high well-being

 To diminish labor

 To increment the productivity of the vehicle

 To diminish the work stack

 To decrease the weariness of specialists

 To high obligation

 Less Maintenance cost


The D.C engine is coupled to the apparatus with the assistance of appropriate game plan. The D.C engine is draws a power from the battery. The apparatus is utilized to diminish the speed of the vehicle with the goal that expansion the torque. The yield of the apparatus control is exchanged to the differential unit with the assistance of prober coupling course of action. The apparatuses yield is given to the moving shaft which two closures associated with the wheels. This undertaking additionally is utilized to exchange the distinctive substantial materials starting with one place then onto the next place. The material taking care of plate in settled at the highest point of the stair climbing wheel seat with the assistance of legitimate component. Posterior wheel is the driving two wheels to keep running in step or sporadic places in effortlessly.


 All debilitated people

 Discharge of workpiece

 It is reasonable for slopes regions

 All Small and medium scale enterprises


Convenient in estimate

Rechargeable Battery worked

Simple to work any individual

To lessen labor

To lessen the work stack

To diminish the weakness of specialists


Not for long travel

Not pertinent for substantial burdens

Climb any progression that is inside its tallness extend


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