This machine can be utilized for cleaning light vehicles particularly for bikes and 3 wheelers and it has a superior execution for farming purposes. Presently days this machine can have a decent market in view of the accompanying reasons.

1) It is extremely straightforward in development and utilizing basic instrument.

2) Easy to work

3) Since it is hand worked no electrical power is required.

4) Available easily

5) It spares time and cash.

6) It is versatile

7) If required it can likewise be worked with a compressor

Utilizing a hand worked to pump the water is pressurized by compacting the air in the water tank. At that point, it is conveyed through a spout under high weight around 15 kg/cm².


Motorization is comprehensively characterized as the substitution of manual exertion by mechanical power. Pneumatics is an appealing medium for ease of automation, especially for successive or tedious activities. Numerous manufacturing plants and plants as of now have a packed air framework, which is fit for giving both the power or vitality necessities and the control framework (albeit similarly pneumatic control frameworks might be monetary and can be favorably connected to different types of energy). The primary preferences of an all-pneumatic framework are normally economy and straightforwardness, the last decreasing upkeep to a low level. It can likewise have outstanding points of interest as far as wellbeing.


This hand worked “Convenient SERVICING UNIT” is utilized to clean the light vehicles particularly bikes and conveys through a spout under high speed. The air is packed by a hand worked entryway valve. The fundamental parts are the water tank, spout, associating tubes, one-way valves and pneumatic air compressor.

The pneumatic air is provided to the convenient administration unit water tank by the compressor unit. The high weight air is then conveyed to the water tank through a hose. The water tank (15 liters) has a working limit of 12 liters. The water tank is given a weight measure, wellbeing valve, water channel, and water outlet and air gulf. The weight of water in the tank is conveyed through a spout at a high speed.


Compact in estimate

simple taking care of any task

Low operational cost

Autonomy from the supply of vacuum or compacted air.

Ease Machine


We require pneumatic Power


Mechanical application

All Automobile Service Station


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