This task manages the plan and creation of “CAM VICE” which works in the standard or flighty cam instrument. The principal highlights of the cam bad habit are advances large-scale manufacturing, can hold sporadic employment, greater inflexibility diminishes weariness. Cam was intended to hold the activity at high weight. Alternate parts were intended to hold the activity in unbending condition. Cam bad habit is appropriate for large-scale manufacturing. It is conceivable to hold sporadic segments additionally, and comparative segments can be rapid.


Cam Vice is one of the clasping gadgets used to hold the activity in inflexible condition. Cam bad habit is worked by the offbeat cam component. There is a cam lever, the activity can be held firmly in the middle of the jaws. In this, first the activity is put in the middle of jaws, and portable jaw, and mobile jaw is balanced by modifying the screw bar to keep up as indicated by the flightiness of the cam with the cam profile. From that point forward, cam lever at the best is worked with the goal that the activity is held firmly in the installation.

This sort of apparatus is valuable for large-scale manufacturing where a just comparative size of occupations is to be held. It diminishes administrator’s weakness and furthermore decreases setting time and cost of creation.


The CAMVICE is helpful for large-scale manufacturing. It diminishes work exhaustion and setting time.

To hold the activity, in the installation, first the activity to be held is put in the middle of jaws. The screw pole is balanced, to keep up a hole equivalent to the capriciousness in the middle of employment and the mobile jaw. At the point when the cam lever at the highest point of the cam get together is worked, mobile jaw advances and holds the hob against settled jaw firmly. An as of now hole is kept up amongst occupation and portable jaw by screwing the screw bar. At the point when the cam lever is worked the portable jaw might be equivalent to the unpredictability of the cam.

After the tasks were done at work, the activity is discharged from the jaws by task cam lever inverse to the heading of locking. At the point when the cam lever is worked to discharge the activity from the jaws, mobile jaw goes in reverse to its unique position. The following employment is set in the middle of the jaws, and a similar strategy is rehashed to hold it in the apparatus.


1. The idle time of the machine is lessened.

2. When contrasted and the mechanical indecencies, it expends less time for clipping and unclamping the activity.

3. It lessens the difficult work

4. Hence, creation rate is higher

5. In this system, there is no kickback.


1. Initial higher cost.

2. Hand Operated Vice


1. To hold the activity unbendingly while machining.

2. For fast bracing and unclamping of the activity.



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