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The motivation behind this undertaking is to screen the cleaning administration area in the corporation. Nowadays the issue of checking is exceptionally foremost in an administration association. Consequently, we expect to screen and deal with the cleaning administration office in the corporation. we outline this product to screen the cleaning administration office in partnership efficiently. Now we present this task as a product, but in the future, we mean to build up this item as an application in android mobiles. This item comprises of

 Admin Module

 Employee Module

 Customer Module

Administrator Module is the shut source, representative and client modules are open source. In this item, the administrator has the anchored username and secret word so the administrator can apportion the day by day attempts to the representatives and intimate the assigned attempts to the workers too through the short message service(SMS)in portable phones. In our item that short message benefit is Tamil fronted one on the grounds that the worker may not know the English. In our item, we utilize short message benefit through cell phones for the speedy method of transmission (i.e snappy suggestion of distributed work to the employees). Now the workers need to finish the functions according to the work allocation from the admin(i.e work designation message from the administrator).

In our organization cleaning administration programming client module is an open source, so there is no need of enlistment and login pages for a customer. If the client found any inadequate work of the representative or irresponsibilities of the work in any region, they have the privilege to grievance about that uncalled for work of a specific region to the administrator.

In this open source client protestation module, the customer can join the region points of interest and pictures of the uncleanliness of the area(i.e disgraceful work of the worker)

On the off chance that administrator gets in excess of two negative criticisms about a similar specific territory repeatedly. Now the administrator makes the black mark for that specific representative in the record.

Download: Cleaning Services in Corporation

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