This task specifically PANTOGRAPH UNIVERSAL GAS CUTTING MACHINE is planned and manufactured by us is basically used to slice M.S plates into any shapes. It is a most practical and monetary venture among alternate tasks what we have chosen to do. The undertaking has been enhanced by methods for starting the different thoughts from our venture mates which influence us to configuration to and manufacture the machine in a correct way.

This minimal effort and high significant hardware which was not accessible in the market make a gigantic request in the event that it is acquainted with the market. The utilization of the venture is observed to be more extensive. The machine is straightforward and smaller and is anything but difficult to work. Indeed, even a layman can comprehend the guideline of this machine and can work with no hazard.


This machine is completely manual and thus there is no requirement for control utilization. Cost of a task is less which prompts more prudent. This sort of machine is utilized as a part of all most all manufacture enterprises where there is a need to cut the M.S. plates which might be required for different generation purposes.

Promote this machine can be changed and can be changed over into etching machines, pantograph duplicate processing machines by methods for supplanting the spout by an etching instrument and processing cutters.


The pantograph all inclusive gas cutting machine is physically worked which is utilized for cutting overwhelming mellow steel plates in a brief term which can not be performed by different machines. The working standard of this machine is observed to be exceptionally straightforward. The whole machine is manufactured utilizing welding process. It is important to specify the working standard for machines. This machine works under the guideline of a blend of an oxygen and acetylene gas which was put away in the chamber. This oxygen and acetylene gas which was put away in the chamber was blended to a proper proportion and after that this blend of gas is made to go through a hosepipe made up of GUNMETAL.

The gas which goes through the hosepipe enters the spout which was observed to be settled in the spout holder. The spout is only a little opening and when the gas enters into a spout extension happens. The volume possessed by the gas in the spout increments and it courses through the opening. This gas was touched off. Presently a blue fire can be seen from the spout burn. The serious of the fire can be increments or diminished by controlling the stream of oxygen and acetylene gas from the chamber with the assistance of controller. The weight of both the gas can likewise be controlled by the assistance of a weight controller. A spout get together holder is observed to be settled on one side of the connection.

The whole spout gets together is comprised of weapon metal. It comprises of two round and hollow channels of uniform size made up of firearm metal. At the base of the chamber pipe, a spout is found. There is a controlled unit found at the highest point of the spout get together. Three handles are discovered which is opposite to each other. One handle is utilized to control the weight of oxygen and another handle is utilized to control the weight of acetylene. Adjust extent of oxygen and acetylene gas required for gas slicing is to be chosen. This oxygen and acetylene gases are put away in the independent barrel and they are exchanged to the open end of roundabout pipes through rein constrained nylon funnels.

Presently this oxygen and acetylene gases is blended and goes through the spout. A blue fire is created at the base of the spout. The thickness of this fire can be diminished or expanded by shifting the extent of the oxygen and acetylene gases. Two roundabout channels are found in spout get together, one for passing oxygen and another for acetylene gas. Between these two pipes, a strung bar is shaped. The whole spout gets together can move vertically upwards and downwards with the assistance of pivoting a handle on either course (clockwise or hostile to clockwise). This handle is settled to the spout holder.

The development of the spout get together vertically upward and descending relies on the thickness of the metal to be cut. A spout is the little opening through which the blend of gases is conveyed as a gas fire. Presently the metal can be cut as the straight path, in any shapes like roundabout, rectangular, triangular or any unpredictable shapes like cams, complex ribs and so forth. Any unsymmetrical shapes can be effortlessly cut. With a specific end goal to cut the metal in above shapes a format is required. This format is settled on the layout holder which is observed to be in a round shape.

On the surface of the format different shapes like rectangular, square, roundabout, triangular, oval and so forth are framed. They are molded as furrows whatever shapes we required must be scored on the layout as a pathway for the development of the spring stacked tracer stick that is a spring stacked tracer stick which is settled at the expanded part of the connection is moved physically ready found on the format which slices the material in to required shape. At the point when this spring stacked tracer stick moved along the depression the spout holder which is settled on one side of the connection is additionally observed to move in an indistinguishable way from the spring stacked tracer stick moves. The activity to be cut is settled on work holder which is found is settled on a cross casing which goes about as a base. The stature of layout can be balanced by implies raising the format holder with the assistance on an outside strung handle. Employment holder can be moved and can be situated at any point according to our helpful for cutting the material.

Formats can be utilized as a part of two ways both inside and remotely. That is the point at which the spring stacked stick slides along the outside surface of the format the metal will likewise be evacuated in the state of the bearing in which the layout stick is moved. The customizable connection is observed to slide along the guide methods for the fundamental connection. This guide connection can be settled at any situation in the principal interface. The adaptable connection gets together causes the administrator to move the spout holder toward any path. A connection get together comprises of guide interface, left side connection, right side connection, and front turning join. Spout holder settled at the left half of the connection. There is additionally arrangement for settling the spout holder, in the correct side connection also in the front turning join. A roundabout shrub is found at the four corners of the connection on both the upside and drawback makes the connections to move unreservedly.

That is in an adaptable way. The principle connects on which the guide interface moves is upheld by a round and hollow stand and is settled on a remain by the assistance of a neckline. The primary barrel-shaped stand is found on the cross end of the c-channel outline which goes about as a base for a whole machine. The round and hollow stand are settled stand. The format holder which holds the layout is settled by a twofold fabricated rectangular supporting channel which is welded to the one of the casing found inverse to the round and hollow stand.

The bearing of the development of the spout can be balanced by the help of altering the course of development of spring stacked tracer stick. As the machine works simplest even without utilizing any power before working a machine setting of a vocation and checking needs to do. In the wake of setting the action, a free blunder trial should be possible by moving the spring stacked stick along the depressions for the expected shape to be cut. After a trial is over the oxygen and acetylene gas is permitted to spill out of the barrel to the required extents of the metal as fire. Consequently by going gas through the spout, is utilized to slice the metal to a required shape.


1. It is a speedier procedure.

2. A setting of the machine is simple.

3. It decreases the exhaustion of the laborer.

4. The machine looks minimized in the measure, so it can be conveyed starting with one place then onto the next place.

5. The process is generally conservative.

6. Instead of utilizing electric power this machine is physically worked there is no cost for control.

7. The pantograph gas slicing machine is utilized to cut the materials like mellow steel plate into any shapes like cams, complex ribs.

8. It is conceivable to cut the material odd any thickness by methods for modifying the fire.


1. There is plausibility for a blast.

1. It is exceptionally perilous to work.

2. Care ought to be taken for blending the Oxygen and Acetylene gas to require suggestions.


1. This machine can be utilized nearly in a wide range of ventures. (Substantial, little, medium scale enterprises).

2. This machine is mostly utilized as a part of manufacture arranged enterprises.

3. It can likewise be utilized for development purposes, development of dams, deliver building yards and in the air make fabricating territories.

4. The material can be evacuated at any shape like oval, rectangular, oval, square, roundabout, pentagon, hexagon shapes and so on.


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