An attractive bearing is a course which bolsters a heap utilizing attractive levitation. Attractive orientation bolsters moving hardware without physical contact, for instance, they can suspend a turning shaft and allow relative movement without grating or wear. They are in benefit in such modern applications as electric power age, oil refining, machine apparatus task and petroleum gas pipelines. They are likewise utilized as a part of the Zippe-type axis utilized for uranium improvement.

The attractive heading is utilized as a part of turbomolecular pumps where an oil-greased up course is a wellspring of defilement. Attractive course bolster the most noteworthy places of any sort of bearing; they have no known greatest relative speed.


It is hard to construct an attractive bearing utilizing changeless magnets because of the confinements forced by Earnshaw’s hypothesis, and strategies utilizing diamagnetic materials are generally undeveloped. Subsequently, most attractive course require consistent power input and a dynamic control framework to hold the heap stable. In view of this many-sided quality, the attractive heading likewise commonly require some sort of go down bearing if there should be an occurrence of energy or control framework disappointment.

Two sorts of insecurities are ordinarily present with an attractive course. Right off the bat alluring magnets give an unsteady static power, diminishing with more prominent separation, and expanding at close separations. Furthermore, since attraction is a moderate power, all by itself it gives close to nothing if any damping and motions may cause loss of effective suspension if any main thrusts are available, which they normally are.


extraordinary outline

simple taking care of any task

Low operational cost

Frictionless Bearing

Proficiency of the bearing is high when contrasted with mechanical bearing

Less wear and tear

Low and unsurprising contact, capacity to keep running without oil and in a vacuum.


Bearing expense is high

Substantial in Size


Modern application

The attractive course is progressively utilized as a part of modern machines, for example, compressors, turbines, pumps, engines, and generators.

The attractive course is normally utilized as a part of watt-hour meters by electric utilities to gauge home power utilization.

The attractive course is likewise utilized as a part of high-exactness instruments and to help gear in a vacuum, for instance in flywheel vitality stockpiling frameworks.

A flywheel in a vacuum has low breeze age misfortunes, yet customary course more often than not flop rapidly in a vacuum because of poor oil.

Attractive orientation is additionally used to help maglev prepares so as to get low clamor and smooth ride by wiping out physical contact surfaces.


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