Amid the pressure stroke in a four-stroke diesel motor, air is compacted in the motor barrel. The weight of the air is expanded and its temperature is likewise expanded. The diesel fuel is infused toward the finish of the pressure stroke and the fuel is touched off.

The fuel nourishes framework guarantees that the diesel oil is infused into the barrels at the right time. It comprises a diesel tank, a nourish pump, a channel, an infusion pump, an injector and associating lines. Normal testing of the fuel infusion framework guarantees that the diesel pump works viable. Testing is done by:

(i) Calibration and

(ii) Phasing


The injector analyzer comprises a little tank, pump, weight measure and handle. There is a different bowl for getting the fuel showered from the spout. The injector to be tried is fitted in the infusion testing hardware. A valve which is utilized to control the fuel is first opened, and after that, the handle is squeezed descending. The descending development of the handle makes the fuel be splashed through the injector. The perusing in the weight measure demonstrates the environmental weight. In the event that this weight is equivalent to the weight determined by the producer, at that point the injector is a decent one. In the event that the weight is either pretty much, the spring in the injector ought to be in like manner balanced.


The injector comprises the spout, spout valve, spring, and body. The fuel is constrained under strain by the fuel infusion pump. The fuel lifts the spout valve in view of the weight, and after that, the fuel is showered through the spout gap. The spout valve is come back to its seat by the spring. Some measure of oil which isn’t infused goes through the spout valve and achieves the tank through the hole of a pipe.


The compacted or pressurized air is given to the information supply of this fuel injector testing hardware. The channel valve is opened and the baby weight is noted down. The fuel tank contains some measure of fuel to direct the testing activity.

The outlet door valve is opened and the outlet weight is noted finished with the assistance of outlet weight checks. The fuel injector is fitted to the holder with the assistance of appropriate game plan. The 12v power supply is given to the fuel injector curl. The curl gets invigorated to open the spout gap so that the pressurized fuel showered by the injector spout. That splashed weight is noticed, this is a contrast with the organization weight particular so the injector is tried. Promote the improvement of this task is takes after.


Three tests are done on injector testing machine to test an injector.

1. Pressure test.

2. Leak-off test.

3. Spray test.

Weight test:-

Clasp the injector on the tests and work the test pump. Note the perusing of the dial pointer at which the injector spout begins splashing. It gives weight perusing. It ought to be the same as suggested by the organization. On the off chance that, it is less, at that point fix the changing screw. Rehash the procedure until the point when the right weight perusing is gotten. At last, fix the bolt nut.

Break off test:-

Cinch the injector on the analyzer and develop the weight around 150 kg/cm² by working the analyzer pump. Keep this weight for around ten seconds. On the off chance that the weight drops, it demonstrates that there is spillage in the injector. Check the spout seat and spout valve needle and spout body. Amend the seat and needle by granulating and lapping, and after that again do the hole off test.

Splash test:-

Splash test is likewise done on a similar injector-testing machine. While working the analyzer pump, see deliberately the splash. It ought not to resemble a current of oil, or with drops part away, yet it ought to be completely atomized.


Four Wheeler Diesel Engine Application

In Automobile Quality control unit

Bike Application


 It requires basic upkeep cares

 The Diesel motor vehicles fuel injector can be effortlessly checked.

 Checking and cleaning are simple, due to the primary parts are screwed.

 Repairing is simple.

 Replacement of parts is simple.

 No Oil wastage.


1. Initial cost is required to introduce this testing gear.

2. Compressed air is required to work within this framework

3. Air commotion is high


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