This task manages the planning and manufacture of Mosaic Polishing Machine. The point of this task work is to create and modernized process for cleaning the floor with wet and dry. It is extremely helpful for cleaning the floors. It can be utilized wet and dry; thus it is generally utilized as a part of houses, doctor’s facilities, assembly hall, shops, PC focuses, and so forth. In present day days inside embellishments are turning into a vital part of our life. Cleaning of a floor is a vital one for our wellbeing and lessens the labor prerequisite. Henceforth our task is extremely valuable in our everyday life.


The cleaner is particularly helpful in cleaning floors in healing centers, houses, assembly hall, shops, PC focuses and so on; it is exceptionally basic in development and simple to work. Anyone can work this machine effortlessly. It comprises of dampness cotton brush, the brush cleans the floor and dried with help of the little blower. Consequently, it is exceptionally helpful in healing centers, houses, and so forth. The time taken for cleaning is less and the cost is additionally less. Support cost is less. Many sorts of machines is generally utilized for this reason. Yet, they are working under various standards and the cost is likewise high.

In our task is exceptionally basic drive component and simple to work any people. The measure of the machine is additionally convenient, so we can exchange from one place to other places effortlessly. The Mosaic cleaner is straightforward, current house holding gadget; even youngsters can likewise work it effortlessly with wellbeing. It is the critical one for every single houses and doctor’s facilities and so forth.


The cleaning fluid is blended in appropriate extent and it is filled the repository through the best way. The cleaning fluid is poured until the point when the tanks are filled. Inciting the lever opens the valve. Cleaning fluid from the tank spills on the brush. After the required sum is conveyed, the lever is discharged and the machine is exchanged ON. The brush gets the drive from an engine through pulleys and belts. The brush applies weight on the floor when the agent bar is unscrewed and the handle is moved the expected way to clean the adequate territory. Again the lever is worked to supply cleaning fluid at whatever point required. This procedure is rehashed, so the floor is cleaned well. The cotton brush keeps the harms on the mosaic, marble floors and gives smooth surface complete and sparkling.


 Manual exertion is lessened.

 Operating time is less.

 Cleaning and cleaning should be possible at same time.

 It expends less cleaning fluid.

 Power utilization is less.

 Design is extremely straightforward.

 Easy manufacture.

 It possesses less floor zone.

 Net weight is less.

 Maintenance cost less.

 Easy control of cleaning arrangement supply.

 It can be utilized as a part of different floors.

 Smoother activity.

 By advance alteration, the drive or development can be made programmed.


 Domestic reason.

 Hospitals.

 Computer focuses.

 Auditoriums.

 Cultural focuses.

 Schools.

 Colleges.

 Large scale enterprises.

 Medium scale enterprises.

 Theatres.

 Educational establishments.


 Vibrations will be delivered when utilized on unpleasant floors or surfaces.

 The washed surface must be wiped out for careful cleaning.


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