A weed shaper is a machine that utilizations rotating cutting edges to cut a tree to an even length. Significantly more complex gadgets are there in each field. Power utilization ends up basic for future. Weed shaper is an extremely helpful gadget which is exceptionally basic in development. It is utilized to keep up and upkeep trees in gardens, schools, school’s part and so on. We have rolled out a few improvements in the current machine to make its application less demanding at decreased cost. The untalented task can work effortlessly and keep up the trees fine and uniform look.

In our undertaking, “weed shaper” is utilized to cut the diverse grasses for the distinctive application in a manual by basically pivoting handles.


In the substantial size of trees in the recreation center, schools, school, are looked after physically. The plant specialist utilized hand scissors used to cut and keep up trees consistently. It is difficult and furthermore exceptionally hard to keep up the uniform size. Henceforth we configuration to make a WEED shaper with no power source due to diminishing the power utilization. The untalented plant specialist is sufficient to work the WEED shaper. The WEED shaper simple to work and it comprises Rotary Blade, Roller and so on. The cutting-edge evacuates the additional development of the trees and roller gives lightweight to the best surface of Trees. It gives fine look to the trees and uniform look all through the Trees.

The task work was extremely incredible fruitful one. It is utilized to keep up trees of our school amphitheater trees support.


The weed cutting machine is given an incline adapt drive. The handle is turned with the assistance of shaft drive system. The cutting edge is fitted in slope equip with the assistance of appropriate plan.

The Handle RPM is 50 so it will pivot in rapid. The handle is utilized to move the shaper starting with one place then onto the next place. The slope outfit is utilized to turn the plates cutting way.


For cricket ground.

The football ground.

All garden

All Playground


Smaller size and compact

Simple to move starting with one place then onto the next place

Working rule is straightforward.

Non-talented individual additionally work this machine


Physically worked


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