Enhancing Performance and Energy Efficiency for Hybrid Workloads in Virtualized Cloud Environment

ABSTRACT: Virtualization has accomplished standard status in big business IT industry. In spite of its across the board appropriation, it is realized that virtualization likewise presents non-paltry overhead when executing undertakings on a virtual machine (VM). Specifically, a consolidated impact from gadget virtualization overhead and CPU booking dormancy can cause execution corruption when calculation concentrated […]


Energy-Efficient and Distributed Network Management Cost Minimization in Opportunistic Wireless Body Area Networks

Abstract Portability initiated by appendage/body developments in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) altogether influences the link quality of intra-BAN and between BAN correspondence units, which, thus, influences the Quality-of-Service (QoS) of each WBAN, as far as dependability, proficient information transmission, and system throughput ensure. Further, the variety in interface quality amongst WBANs and Access Points […]


Automatic Segmentation of Dynamic Network Sequences with Node Labels

Abstract: Given a grouping of depictions of influenza proliferating over a populace arrange, would we be able to discover a division when the examples of the ailment spread change, perhaps because of intercessions? In this paper, we contemplate the issue of dividing diagram successions with marked hubs. Images on the Twitter organize, infections over a […]