SP009 – Composite RCC and Brick Slabs with Shear Reinforcement


In a divider with openings lintels are fabricated, in this way the heap conveyed by lintels is exchanged of the brick work in supports. Lintel with stone work above is a mind boggling marvel known as the composite activity. In this exploratory work, the commitment of the block workmanship towards the heap conveying limit of the lintel is investigated in the composite activity in this way created. Six examples of segments (3 inches) 75 mm thick and (10 inches) 250 mm wide R.C. lintels with 4 Nos. of 10mm breadth bars are accommodated crossing openings of 4 feet and 6 feet. Shear support including ties (90o bowed) of 8mm distance across bars are given at normal interims all through the range.

These lintel-stone work test dividers were tried to disappointment under flexure in the bar testing outline and their heap avoidance bends were plotted. The disappointment system and the breaking example of the example were distinguished as a noteworthy slanting shear split. The shear quality and the minute limit of the examples were determined and contrasted and the test outcomes. The shear quality of the lintel-stone work examples were determined by receiving the strategies by the British codes for profound shafts.

Furthermore, the observational recipe given by the Indian codes (IS 456:2000) for shear quality of pillars without shear support was changed and received considering the compressive quality of workmanship. A connection between the brick work units, mortar and workmanship squares given by a connection by A.W.Hendry was received. Tests of stone work unit were tried in the 40 ton UTM for the devastating quality of blocks when tried on the level surface, as an afterthought and the best edge of the blocks. The fundamental target of the work is to discover the commitment of block brick work towards the quality of the lintel in conveying the heap above the openings in dividers and along these lines going about as an auxiliary part. Along these lines an elective technique for structuring financial lintel segments can be embraced.

BASE PAPER:  Composite RCC and Brick Slabs with Shear Reinforcement

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