The MULTI NUT TIGHTNER is one which can be utilized to tight/free the quantity of nut at different huge and even unsymmetrical designs as per our prerequisites, where the ordinary Multi nut tightner can’t be utilized. The multi-shaft head is combined with the D.C engine. This D.c engine suffocates supply from the as of now put away battery.

The report outfits a cost estimation of the considerable number of segments of the gear via watchful contemplations of all variables, for example, cost of material, work, machining and acquired segments. This venture has part of utilization, and the machine cost is low. In our undertaking, multi-nut tightner is utilized to tight/free the nuts in the vehicle wheel. The D.C engine heading is one course for the activity of nut tight. The D.C engine course switches, the nut-free activity in the wheel.


The very quintessence of our monetary life and development is reliant in an awesome part upon the proceeded with the change of Electronic and Mechanical fields. To help these fields, we have outlined MULTI NUT TIGHTNER which can be broadly used to tight/free the items like vehicle wheel, Engine nuts, and other Automobile parts. Outrageous care ought to be there to tight/free the nuts in various formats. The MULTI NUT TIGHTNER accomplishes exact and indistinguishable fixing nuts formats in mass production. We have composed this MULTI NUT TIGHTNER model to tight four nuts of different places in a vehicle wheel. In the event of tight/free substantial designs in large-scale manufacturing, we can apply this kind of tight/free techniques.

The historical backdrop of man’s exertion is to make his work simpler, quicker and more gainful, likely started when he figured out how to utilize lever, the slanted arrangement, and the wheel. The scholars and experimenters, for example, GALILEO, NEWTON, and PASCAL are found fascinating marvels numerous years ahead of time of genuine down to earth utilizations of their hypotheses.


The battery is associated with the two-way switch. The two-way change is utilized to alter the course of a turn of D.two-ways. The switch is in one position; the engine pivots in a single course. The switch position is changed in opposite side, the course of revolution of D.C engine changes conversely. The two-way switch is extremely helpful in tight/free the nut in vehicle wheel. A Multi shaft head will tight/free various nuts all the while in a work piece. Multi nut tightner are utilized for work of a light character, particularly reiteration work, for example, tight/free the nut which position is steady.

A Multi shaft head course of action has various nut holding axles driven by a solitary engine. Every one of the axles holding the nut holders are encouraged in to the work piece in the meantime. For this reason, either the nut heads can be brought down onto the work piece or the work table is raised. The Main capricious is driven by the machine shaft course of action which is driven by a solitary engine. The few nut holding erraticisms are driven by the principle Eccentric through a Revolving plate. Whimsical is a system which is generally used to change over rotational movement into sliding movement.

It might be noticed that an Eccentric can’t change over responding movement into rotational movement. Here we are changing over the rotating movement into progressive movement and in to rotational movement. (i.e.) when the principle shaft turns, the rotational movement of the axle is changed over into progressive movement of the Revolving plate. Through the Main Eccentric and the progressive movement of the Revolving plate is changed over into rotating movement of the nut holding Eccentrics. The change of the movement is accomplished by the ECCENTRICITY gave in the erraticisms. The columns furnished with springs manage the nut holding head in movement. Springs secure the axle head with nut holder, from a fast fall, while discharging the nut holding head from the machine shaft. It is intended to tight/free four nuts of different widths in unsymmetrical designs. The craft of ECCENTRICITY assumes a noteworthy part in this standard.


In this kind of machine number of nuts is fix in the work piece at once. This machine is utilized as a part of large scale manufacturing. The works pieces fix in this machine are as per the following:

• Two wheeler wheels

• Four wheeler wheels

• In all Engine

• Production Industries.


a. Can be utilized for exceptionally focus separations.

b. Presetting for clear profundity is conceivable before mounting on machine.

c. Outputs might be gotten at high exactness.

d. High Productivity can be accomplished.

e. Time sparing procedure.

f. Easy to deal with

g. Less talented individual can likewise work this framework.

h. Easy transportable.


This is utilized to for specific application.

Battery supply is required to work this framework.


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