Water assumes a critical part of the material, social and social existence of humanity. The water needs are expanding step by step. This is the consequence of populace development and increment in the way of life which is straightforwardly corresponding to water utilization.

The lifting of water for drinking or water system reasons for existing is of extraordinary significance in broadly appropriated towns with practically no provincial zap and where underground water is accessible.


The point of the task has Pedal worked water pumping framework. Outspread plunger Pedal worked water pumping framework is drawn in which the cylinder is accommodated the pumping activity. The cylinder is responded with the assistance of a pneumatic chamber, pedal with chain sprocket system and Cam component.

A pump is a Mechanical gadget which changes over mechanical vitality into pressure driven vitality. This pump is characterized into two kinds;

i. Positive Displacement and

ii. Non-Positive Displacement pump


At first beginning with cycle accelerating activity is physically. The sprocket is coupled to another sprocket with the assistance of chain drive. The second sprocket shaft is coupled to the Cam plate with the assistance of End course. The Cam plate is coupled to the pneumatic chamber with the assistance of Camshaft

The 2 outlet ports are associated with an actuator (Cylinder). The pneumatic actuates is a twofold acting, single pole barrel. The barrel yield is coupled to additionally reason. The cylinder end has a water horning impact to avert sudden push at extraordinary finishes. The finish of the barrel two Non return valve is associated for both of the side. One Non return valve for suction side and another non return valve are for conveyance side.

The accelerating task done by physically with the assistance of man and this power is exchanged to the Cam system. This Cam and camshaft are utilized to enact the pneumatic barrel. The pneumatic chamber forward stroke is suction the water and return stroke will convey the water.


Since the Pedal worked water Pump is more proficient it is utilized for pumping the water or oil for the most part.

Household Applications

Mechanical Applications

Favorable circumstances

1. This is of minimal in estimate

2. Less Maintenance is sufficient

3. The oil or water pumped is of higher weight

4. Quite running and smooth activity is accomplished.

5. Higher effectiveness

6. Full effective positive uprooting pump

7. Effective working guideline

8. It does not have any Prime mover, similar to electric engine identified with the unit.

9. As the air is unreservedly accessible, we can use the air to pumping the water and consequently it is conservative.

10. Less Maintenance


 It is costlier than alternate sorts of the draw due to the compressor unit.

 Less productivity when compacted to other gadget.

 Leakage of air influences the working of the unit.


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