This undertaking work titled “Sun powered CAR LIFT JACK” has been imagined having examined the trouble in lifting any sort of light vehicles. Our overview in the respect in a few car carports uncovered the actualities that generally some troublesome strategies were received in lifting the vehicles for reconditioning. The sun oriented board is utilized to charge the auto battery.

Presently the undertaking has basically focused on this trouble, and subsequently, a reasonable gadget has been planned. To such an extent that the vehicle can be lifted from the floor arrive without the use of any effect drive. The manufacture some portion of it has been considered with near case for its straightforwardness and economy, to such an extent this can be obliged as one of the fundamental instruments on car carports.


This gadget the sun oriented auto lift jack for car carports has been produced to later the necessities of little and medium car carports, who are ordinarily man controlled with extremely least of gifted works. In the greater part of the carports, the vehicles are lifted by utilizing screw jack. This needs high labor and gifted works. So as to maintain a strategic distance from every such impediment. This, sun based auto lift jack has been planned such that it can be utilized to lift the vehicle easily with no effect constrain. The activity is made be straightforward that even an untalented work can deal with, by simply showing the working of the sun based auto lift jack once. The d.c engine is combined with the screw jack by goad outfit system. This is a period of robotization where it is comprehensively characterized as substitution of manual exertion by mechanical power in all degrees of mechanization. The activity remains a fundamental piece of the framework despite the fact that with changing requests on physical contribution as the level of automation is expanded.


The sunlight based board is utilized to charge the auto battery. The lead-corrosive battery is utilized to drive the D.C engine. The D.C engine shaft is associated with the goad equip. On the off chance that the power is given to the D.C engine, it will run with the goal that the goad adapt additionally races to the moderate speed of the D.C engine. The screw jack and moves the cylinder upward, so the vehicle lifts from the ground. The vehicle is lifted by utilizing the lifting level frame in the highest point of the screw jack. The engine is drawn supply from the battery. The lifting and elevating are finished by changing the battery supply to the engine just.


1. The stacked light vehicles can be effective.

2. Checking and cleaning are simple, due to the principal parts are screwed.

3. Handling is simple

4. No Manual power

5. Easy to Repair.

6. Replacement of parts are simple


 Cost of the gear is high when contrasted with standard hand jack.

 Care must be taken for the taking care of the gear, for example, appropriate wiring association, battery charging checkup, and so forth.


1. It is particularly helpful in auto-carport. This sun based auto lift jack is utilized for lifting the vehicles.

2. Thus it can be valuable for the accompanying sorts of vehicles in future;

Maruti, Ambassador, Fiat, Mahindra

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