The innovation of pneumatics has increased gigantic significance in the field of work environment defense and mechanization from antiquated timber works and coal mines to current machine shops and space robots. It is along these lines imperative that professionals and architects ought to have a decent information of pneumatic framework, air worked valves and frill. The air is compacted in an air compressor and from the compressor plant, the stream medium is transmitted to the pneumatic chamber through a well-laid pipeline framework. To keep up the ideal effectiveness of pneumatic framework, it is of crucial significance that weight drop amongst age and utilization of compacted air is kept low.

The point is to outline and build up a control framework based on a shrewd electronically controlled car stopping mechanism is called “Smart BRAKING SYSTEM”. This Braking framework is comprised of IR transmitter and Receiver circuit, Control Unit, Pneumatic breaking framework. The IR sensor is utilized to distinguish the obstruction. There is any deterrent in the way, the IR sensor detects the impediment and giving the control flag to the breaking framework. The pneumatic breaking framework is utilized to break the framework.


We have delighted in presenting our new task “Keen BRAKING SYSTEM”, which is completely prepared by IR sensors circuit and Pneumatic breaking circuit. It is a certified task which is completely prepared and intended for Automobile vehicles.

This structures an essential piece of best quality. This item experienced strenuous test in our Automobile vehicles and it is great.

The “PNEUMATIC BRAKING CIRCUIT” can stop the vehicle inside 2 to 3 seconds running at a speed of 50 KM. The INTELLIGENT breaking framework is a complete mechanization venture.


The IR TRANSMITTER circuit is to transmit the Infra-Red beams. On the off chance that any hindrance is there in a way, the Infra-Red beams reflected. These reflected Infra-Red beams are gotten by the beneficiary circuit is called “IR RECEIVER”.

The IR beneficiary circuit gets the reflected IR beams and giving the control flag to the control circuit. The control circuit is utilized to initiate the solenoid valve. In the event that the solenoid valve is initiated, the packed air goes to the Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder. The packed air actuates the pneumatic barrel and moves the cylinder bar.

In the event that the cylinder pushes ahead, at that point the breaking course of action initiated. The breaking plan is utilized to break the wheel bit by bit or all of a sudden because of the mission development. The breaking speed is changed by adjusting the valve is called “Stream CONTROL VALVE”.

In our task, we need to apply this breaking plan in one wheel as a model. The packed air is drawn from the compressor in our undertaking. The packed air flow through the Polyurethane tube to the stream control valve. The stream control valve is associated with the solenoid valve as specified in the square chart.


For vehicle application

Modern application


Brake cost will be less.

Free from wear alteration.

Less power utilization

Fewer ability professionals are adequate to work.

It gives rearranged exceptionally task.

An establishment is rearranged in particular.

To keep away from other burnable collaborations viz.… (Diaphragm) isn’t utilized.

Not so much time but rather more benefit.


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