The innovation of pneumatics has increased colossal significance in the field of work environment legitimization and mechanization from out-dated timber works and coal mines to present day machine shops and space robots. It is in this manner essential that experts and specialists ought to have a decent information of pneumatic framework, air worked valves and extras.

The point is to outline and build up a control framework based savvy electronically controlled car guard enactment and programmed stopping mechanism is called “Programmed PNEUMATIC BUMPER AND BREAK ACTUATION BEFORE COLLISION”. This framework is comprised of IR transmitter and Receiver circuit, Control Unit, Pneumatic guard framework and the pneumatic stopping mechanism. The IR sensor is utilized to distinguish the deterrent. There is any snag nearer to the vehicle (within 3-4 feet), the control flag is given to the guard initiation framework and furthermore pneumatic slowing mechanism at the same time. The pneumatic guard and stopping mechanism is utilized to an item the man and vehicle. This guard and braking enactment framework is just actuated the vehicle speed over 30-40 km for each hour. This vehicle speed is detected by the closeness sensor and this flag is given to the control unit and pneumatic guard and braking actuation framework.


We have delighted in presenting our new venture “Programmed PNEUMATIC BUMPER AND BREAK ACTUATION BEFORE COLLISION”, which is completely prepared by IR sensors circuit and Pneumatic guard and braking initiation circuit.

It is honest to goodness extend which is completely prepared and intended for Automobile vehicles. This structures a basic piece of best quality. This item experienced strenuous test in our Automobile vehicles and it is great.


The vehicle speed is detected by the closeness sensor. The vehicle speed is over the 30-40 Km for each hour, the control unit will enact the IR sensor Unit. The IR TRANSMITTER circuit is to transmit the Infra-Red beams. In the event that any impediment is there in a way, the Infra-Red beams reflected. These reflected Infra-Red beams are gotten by the recipient circuit is called “IR RECEIVER”. The IR recipient circuit gets the reflected IR beams and giving the control flag to the control circuit. The control circuit is utilized to enact the solenoid valve. On the off chance that the solenoid valve is initiated, the packed air goes to the Pneumatic Cylinder. The packed air initiates the pneumatic barrel and moves the cylinder bar.

In the event that the cylinder pushes ahead, at that point the guard course of action and braking game plans are initiated. The cylinder speed is fluctuated by adjusting the valve is called “Stream CONTROL VALVE”. In our undertaking, we need to apply this course of action in one wheel as a model. The packed air is drawn from the compressor in our venture. The packed air is moved through the Polyurethane tube to the stream control valve. The stream control valve is associated with the solenoid valve as said in the chart.


For car application

Mechanical application

Four wheeler application

Bike applications


Free from wear change.

Less power utilization

It gives improved exceptionally task.

The establishment is improved in particular.

To limit the mischance

Safe the vehicle and individual


The extra cost is required to introduce this game plan in the vehicle.

DOWNLOAD: Automatic pneumatic bumper and break actuation before collision—7000

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