This undertaking manages the plan and creation of the water-powered lift with an air-to-water powered weight supporter. The water driven lift is equipped for lifting overwhelming workpieces with a substantial power consequently empowering exact and exact activity. The venture joins the benefits of both hydrodynamics and pneumatics, in this way wiping out the downsides that might be related with the utilization of liquid power Also the air-to-water driven weight supporter speakers the power with which the bad habit holds the workpiece.

The features of this venture are that it is exceptionally conservative, precise, and simple to work and has a wide assortment of uses.


This task manages the activities of a basic lifter utilizing liquid power. Liquid power empowers us to work the lift easily, exactness, wellbeing and for high weight tasks. The benefits of water power and pneumatics are converged in such a way in this task in order to totally wipe out any burden that might be related to the utilization of liquid power.

The nearness of an air-to-water powered weight braggart in this hydro pneumatic lift empowers increase of power. A little pneumatic weight is used to create a high water powered liquid weight which bears on a pressure driven actuator. Additionally, the utilization of standard parts and materials has prompt the significant decrease in manufacture cost.


Lifting the workpieces:

Air from a solitary stage air compressor enters the push catch bearing control valve and is coordinated to the pneumatic actuator. The pneumatic actuator is a solitary acting chamber and the compacted air expands the cylinder. The cylinder pole enters the water driven Tank loaded with water driven oil and pressurizes the water-powered liquid. Along these lines, the pressure driven liquid enters the conveyance pipe through a channel course of action.

The pressurized liquid is made to follow up on a water driven barrel set on a table course of action. The water driven liquid at that point broadens the pressure driven cylinder. The finish of the cylinder bar is associated with lifting arm. The finish of the arm snare is associated. This is utilized to lift the workpiece in a simple way.

Inspiring the workpiece:

The task of hand lever enacts the spring focused two ways, two positions, heading control valve in the pressure-driven circuit. Likewise, the push catch heading control valve in the pneumatic circuit is worked at the same time. This depletes the air in the pneumatic barrel, along these lines withdrawing the pneumatic cylinder. In the meantime, water powered liquid streams back to the pressure-driven tank. Consequently, the single acting pressure driven chamber withdraws the water-powered cylinder in this manner descending the workpiece.


1. The moving parts of this framework are cooled by the oil itself utilized. Subsequently this venture does not require any cooling courses of action.

2. The material stacked can be effective.

3. Checking and cleaning are simple, in view of the primary parts are screwed.

4. Handling is simple

5. Low Manual power

6. Easy to Repair.

7. Replacement of parts are simple


1. It is especially helpful in all little scale ventures.

2. Loading the material from ground level to little vehicle

3. Move weight material to somewhere else

4. Loading and emptying reason.


 Cost of the gear is high.

 This framework requires high systems for upkeeps mind.

 This is lifted to specific stature as it were.


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