The fundamental focus of venture is to the enhanced variant of a small scale pneumatic Slotting machine which will be more productive for bite the dust creators and example producers. This machine is pneumatic fueled which has low co-proficient of rubbing. A pneumatic chamber raised at the best gives the energy of opening tasks. Compacted air is passed into the power for sharing the work metal.

This undertaking goes for sparing introductory cost by giving pneumatic Cylinder to control. It needs just less support cost, since less tangling parts.

This is a pneumatic controlled machine and requires no different methods for energy to drive the opening machine this machine executes the spaces in the activity which empowers the machine to do its work naturally to which it builds the creation rate.


This machine is an enhanced scaled-down model of opening machine. The underlying expense of the Machine is low contrasted with the ordinary machine. This holds straightforward thoughts of Reciprocating movement which is pneumatically fueled. The pneumatic chamber gives control for an opening which utilizes packed air is made accessible from a versatile compressor.


The pneumatic opening machine can be broadly utilized as a part of minimal effort computerization in Die and example making businesses. The labor prerequisite is lessened additionally diminishing the machining time


1. The working medium received is compacted air.

2. The packed air is transmitted through tubes to pneumatic chamber where control is changed over into responding.

3. The responding movement is gotten by utilizing an electrically controlled solenoid valve impelled by trip mutts.

4. The responding movement transmitted to the toolbar through smash, which proceeds onward the plunge tail slides.

5. The workpiece is clasped on the work table utilizing reasonable cinching gadget.

6. The workpiece can be impelled in X and Y course (i.e., longitudinal bolster and profundity of cut)

7. When the compacted air is passed into the solenoid esteem and controlled the slam responds.

8. Cutting device which is fitted to the smash gets responding movement.


Less co-productive of rubbing.

More productive

Power can be effortlessly transmission.

Less misfortune in transmission.

A solitary compressor can supply energy to numerous pneumatic machines.


Immense storage room required.

High loads can’t be given.


In a machine shop of the business at generation office, it is generally utilized.

The slotter is utilized for cutting notches, keyways and spaces of different shapes, for making consistent and unpredictable surfaces both inward and outside.

This machine taking care of huge and clumsy workpieces, for cutting interior or outside riggings and numerous different activities which can’t to helpfully machine in some other machine.


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