This report has managed the plan and manufactures of pneumatic acrylic sheet bowing machine, which is utilized for twisting the acrylic sheet with the assistance of a compressor.

At first, the acrylic sheet is held between two apparatuses best of the bite the dust is unreservedly situated on the progression. The warmer is settled base at the base kick the bucket. The slam is utilized to twist the acrylic sheet for our prerequisite.


The pneumatic acrylic sheet twisting machine is utilized for bowing acrylic sheet with the assistance of pneumatic air and warmers. One of the apparatuses is portable and the other is settled.

The rule of action is the same as the regular straightforward press. The distinction is just in the sort of drive and the kind of apparatuses utilized.

The accompanying focuses uncover why we need to make utilization of this sort of press

Pneumatic acrylic sheet bowing machine diminishes the manual work.

This sort of machine diminishes working time.


The pneumatic acrylic sheet bowing machine is accustomed to bowing the acrylic sheet with the assistance of radiators and pneumatic power. In the pneumatic acrylic sheet twisting machine the primary concern being the weight created is finished with the assistance of a compressor.

The air in that compressor is passed to the twofold acting chamber through the course control valves. There are two control valves utilized as a part of this press. One is heading control valve and another is the stream control valve. At the point when the compacted air is passed to the weight control valve, the required weight is acquired by altering its handle. At the point when the air is passed to the stream control valve, the speed of development of cylinder is controlled by changing the handle. The barrel cylinder pole is associated with the best apparatus. The warmer is settled to the base kick the bucket and slam are settled to the male (upper) bite the dust. The acrylic sheet is settled to the above of the warmer. A base apparatus is settled on the base plate by utilizing fasteners or hexagonal screws and nuts.


1. It decreases the manual work

2. It decreases the creation time

3. Uniform use of the heap gives culminate fitting of the bearing.

4. Damages to the bearing because of the pounding is anticipated

5. It involves less floor space

6. Less gifted administrator is adequate


1. Initial cost is high

2. Cylinder stroke length is steady

3. Need a different compressor


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