Grid,Fog Computing Projects

Grid computing and fog computing topic for final year list below,and most final year students doing fog and grid computing topics,2020 year projects all engineering and arts students can do this topics.

IEEE 2019-2020 Grid Computing Projects list

  1. Enabling Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Aggregation Communication and Function Query for Fog Computing based Smart Grid
  2. Cloud-Centric Collaborative Security Service Placement for Advanced Metering Infrastructures
  3. Cyber physical security analytics for transactive energy systems

IEEE 2019-2020 Fog Computing Projects list

  1. Energy-efficient computation offloading and resource allocation in fog computing for Internet of Everything
  2. A Novel Bio-Inspired Hybrid Algorithm (NBIHA) for Efficient Resource Management in Fog Computing
  3. A Market-Based Framework for Multi-Resource Allocation in Fog Computing
  4. A Differential Privacy-Based Query Model for Sustainable Fog Data Centers
  5. Mobility-Aware Fog Computing in Dynamic Environments: Understandings and Implementation
  6. Game-theoretic online resource allocation scheme on fog computing for mobile multimedia users