Embedded Project on Object Detection by Ultrasonic Means


The project is intended to show the deduction of any object in front of the ultrasonic transducer. It can be utilized for applications like security territory observing and natural life photography and so forth.

This ultrasonic identifier comprises two sections: a producer, which delivers a 40 kHz sound wave; and an indicator, which identifies this 40 kHz sound wave and sends the signal back to the microcontroller.

The ultrasonic module is interfaced to the microcontroller of 8051 family. At whatever point any question approaches close to the ultrasonic module, the flag transmitted the transmitter is reflected by this protest and is gotten by the module. At the point when the microcontroller gets the flag from ultrasonic beneficiary it incites the yield to make the fitting move.

An LCD is interfaced to the microcontroller for showing the status of the module like whether the protest is recognized or not.

Promote the task can be improved by interfacing a GSM modem to the undertaking so that, when the protest is recognized then the controller sends an SMS to the utilization

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