Mobile Quiz Through WiFi Project Over Internet


The Mobile Quizzing is an android application that provides a new technique of Playing Quiz utilizing cell phones. This application is particularly developed for People who get a kick out of the chance of playing Quiz. The project gives an effective challenge to the player.

The system has an administrator login that has general control over Question and Answer in the Server. Administrator feed the Question and Answer in to the System. These questions are randomly picked and sent on clients android devices. A user needs to first make a record into the system for playing the quiz. At the end of the Quiz, the system checks all the appropriate answer and generates a brief report card


• Admin Login: Admin directs the system and feeds new Questions and Answers into the Server.

• User Login: User should enlist in the system to log in and can play Quiz question.

• Quiz System: There will be choices/answer space accessible for each Question. One Question can just have one Answer.

• Marks Calculation: The system consequently monitors all Questions being sent to a client, all the while figures the aggregate right answer given by client.

• Report Generation: At the finish of Quiz, it produces report for User and Admin.

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