Embedded IEEE Project  Mobile Quad-Controlled Wireless Robotic Arm


In this project, we build up a remotely controlled robotic arm with 4 degree of freedom (D.O.F) that is remotely controlled utilizing four control components, i.e, Voice Control, Smart Phone-Tilt Control, Remote control and Hand Gesture Control. Remote advancements, for example, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are utilized to get to the Quad-Controlled Robotic Arm (QCRA).

A model QCRA is created. The QCRA can be utilized to pick and place objects starting with one place then onto the next on getting the orders from the remove, in this manner lessening the human exertion. An Android application is created for the comfort of the client in working this QCRA, utilizing distinctive control systems. Execution assessment results are encouraging. Potential uses of the QCRA in homes, enterprises and for physically challenged/aged people are also discussed.

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