SD003- Steel T.V towers design


In this theory Analysis and Design of thin based Transmission Tower (utilizing Multi Voltage Multi Circuit) is done keeping in view to supply ideal use of electric supply with accessible ROW and expanding populace in the area, in India. Transmission Line Towers establish around 28 to 42 percent of the aggregate expense of the Transmission Lines. The expanding interest for electrical vitality can be met more prudent by creating extraordinary light weight designs of transmission line towers.

In this task, an endeavor has been made to make the transmission line more savvy keeping in view to give ideal electric supply to the required region by considering interesting transmission line tower structure. The target of this exploration is met by picking a 220KV and 110KV Multi Voltage Multi Circuit with tight based Self Supporting Lattice Towers with a view to upgrade the current geometry. Utilizing STAAD PRO v8i investigation and plan of pinnacle has been done as a three dimensional structure. At that point, the pinnacle individuals are planned.


Media transmission towers are a mix of steel structures that utilized for correspondence purposes among individuals. All the remote correspondence, portable organizing, radio telecom and TV recieving wires are associated by means of these towers. A full media transmission tower is an entire arrangement of mechanical structures and electronic flag handling unit which is utilized to associate the general population by means of media communications.

All the phone lines and cell phone administrations are associated through these towers. These towers are additionally utilized for radar framework and other military purposes. Distinctive statures of towers are utilized in better places and purposes. They can fluctuate from 15 to 60 meters and some time progressively whenever required. For instance in the land zones towers are higher in slope territory so 15 to 30 meters high towers can be utilized yet in land zones they are 30 to 60 meters in stature.

 The Goal for the last task was to take in the arrangement from assembling to erection and the well ordered assembling procedures of media transmission towers. Material utilized for it, diverse machine forms, consumption securing methods, coordinations and supply, last erection of towers on destinations were learnt in detail and diverse strategies were utilized.

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