Embedded Project on Movement Sensed Automatic Door Opening System


The project is designed for programmed door opening system using PIR sensor. Opening and closing of the door is dependably a tedious job, particularly in places like shopping malls, hotels, and theaters where a man is constantly required to open the door for visitors.

This project proposes an arrangement of automatic opening and closing of the door by detecting anyone development close to the door. This is accomplished with help of a PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor. A live body, by and large, produces infrared energy which is detected by the PIR sensor from an extensive distance. This detecting signal is fed to a microcontroller to operate a door motor through motor driver IC.

At the point when a body approaches inside the working scope of the sensor, it sends an intelligent charge to open the entryway. The entryway consequently closes with a settled time delay. In the event that there is no further development inside the PIR working extent. Interrupt with signals are utilized through constrain changes to maintain a strategic distance from bolted rotor state of the engine.

This project can be improved interfacing an including the plan for keeping a record of entry and exit of people at the specific place. This can be accomplished by interfacing the framework with an EEPROM (non-unpredictable memory) to maintain a strategic distance from loss of put away information regardless of whether the power falls flat.

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